Catmeat Sheik Hilali told to piss off with Golden Handshake:

A golden shower would have been more appropriate:
Time to go, sheik warned- with thanks to The Australian

Richard Kerbaj
February 09, 2007
MUSLIM leaders across the nation have strongly backed a plan to oust outspoken Islamic cleric Taj Din al-Hilali, declaring he would be “foolish” to reject a proposed golden handshake deal.
The Muslim community yesterday stepped up its calls for Sheik Hilali’s resignation as the spiritual leader of Lakemba Mosque, in Sydney’s southwest, accusing the 66-year-old of damaging the image of Islam.

* There is no ‘spirituality’ in Islam. Neither is there a ‘spiritual leader’- and the ‘image of Islam’ is as good as as Hilali or the next suicide bomber:  Pack up and leave,   turds!*

The former chairman of the Prime Minister’s Muslim advisory board, Ameer Ali, told The Australian that the plan to remove Sheik Hilali from office was long overdue. “It’s something good that’s happened at the end of the day,” Dr Ali said. “It has taken a very long time.”

Prominent Sydney-based imam Khalil Shami said Sheik Hilali would be wise to accept the offer drawn up by 10 Sydney-based Islamic organisations in the face of his dwindling community support.

Time to go, sheik warned

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  1. Methinks Meat Man will remain quite foolish and reject the deal. He can’t help himself-he suffers from a terminal case of diarrhea of the mouth. A cure really needs to be found for him-either for his mouth or his obviously diseased brain. Perhaps he’s got a case of advanced syphillis?

  2. Hilali will not exactly reject the golden handshake and step down but in the face of stern opposition for him to relinquish the post of grand mufti he will have to stand down due to ill health, he will be sadly missed… *cough*

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