ElBaradei Warns US and Iran against an Unstoppable Chain Reaction

El Baradei has been bulls*#tting the ‘International community’ for much too long,- give him the shoe!

What happens if you give a follower of the Muhammedan belief-system the Nobel-price?

Chances are a million to one that nothing happens. At least nothing that would change the attitudes of the said Muhammedan or his loyalties to the infidel nation- states that gave him the (undeserved) honor to protect the foolish infidels against Islamic Imperialism and nuclear aspirations of the Islamic obsession to conquer the world.
Just a handfull of Mohammedans out of a billion have ever been given the coveted Nobel-price, always for the sake of peace, which never came and remains an illusion (remember Arafat, the lifelong jihad-terrorist?) The rest simply don’t seem to care. The naive blue-eyed fools in the West still believe they can buy the loyalties of Muhammedans with platitudes like ‘human rights’- ‘democracy’ and other abstract concepts which the Arabs simply despise.

Its a one-way street: We give, they are on the take. Its called ‘Jiziyah’…
One of them is Mohammed al Baradei, so-called ‘nuclear watchdog’ who watches that no western nation stops Muhammedans from developing nuclear bombs. We pay him for that. Handsomely.
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5 thoughts on “ElBaradei Warns US and Iran against an Unstoppable Chain Reaction”

  1. Is El-Baradei for real? North Korea is disarming? What the hell planet is he on?

    As for the US vs Iran he needs to talk to Iran-the Supreme Siimian has made enough hair raising statements that, in another era, would have brought about the end of his regime long ago in the form of a blitzkrieg. The only thing that’s allowed him to continue his insane bleating is the fact that the West lacks the will to deal effectively with him.

  2. I watch and laugh when I see theocracy at work and wonder why people are so driven to the propencity of evil. Islam prays… o Lord please help us kill these infidels and ones that dont accept your writtings” The Baptist and other reformed Catholics pray the same prayers…O lord keep s safe while we kill these nonbelievers who dont accept your writtings or love your jews”.

    I read once.. ‘Organized religeons dress-up closed mindedness in the garb of piety , cruelty and oppression with a thick military leather jacket of pseudo rightousness’. So well put. They all have a book they dont understand but are willing to read and re-read over and over and over again.

    I propose to every right thinking person to offer up a solution of dialog and understanding and appeal to each others insatiable wants and desires for goods and services and well being. We all want it….regarless if your reading a ancient carpet written koran or ancient constantinian bible….goods and services and well being equals the persuit of quality.
    The persuit of quality leads to cooperation and good will. Just like in Vietnam, a million dead on one side, 50 some odd thousand dead on the other, 20 years later business men brought peace and good will to Vietnam and succeeded where evil failed.

    How do you stop this thing? Can it be stopped? Perhaps not. It makes one breathless and exasperated. Maybe all out war is the only solution. Maybe after all out war people will wake up back in the stone age and decide to abolish false religeons and be too preoccupied with primary physiological needs to get over worked up about even nationalism and so much flag waving pride. I doubt it…the viscous circle will more than likely just repeat itself……… but maybe. One thing is for shure, the sun will go nova one day and all your petty ancient hatreds and misguided beliefs will cease in the blink of an eye.

    Right here, right now……..I offer up a helping hand to all and view you all as my brothers and sisters because its all I can do, try it.

  3. Just to be on the safe side; the above post is addressed to mr. (ms?)Baptistrloosers.

  4. when the US invaded it’s first duty was to destroy all mosques and kill or arrest all imams, teachers of hate and violence. only then would the people of those invader countries be FREE. we failed!! behold what we have reaped as a result of not taking care of business!

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