Erez Levanon – May G-d avenge his blood


Today, Erez Levanon, Zt”l, a 42 year-old Judean and Samaria settler who was stabbed to death by Arab terrorists, was laid to rest in a Gush Etzion cemetary. He loved his People and his Land. Erez was murdered by Arab terrorists who hate Jews and who hate life. Vengeance is in order. Jewish blood does not come cheap.
Yehe Zichro Baruch- May his memory be blessed

3 thoughts on “Erez Levanon – May G-d avenge his blood”

  1. This was the top story on Digg this morning – around 9.30EADT. There were a lot of Diggs and the source was LGF.
    Now it has disappeared.

    I think the word used was ‘hacked” as far as I can recall, but I could be wrong.

  2. ps
    lots of LGF stores on Digg have “disappeared”.
    It guess all the “bros” are emailing each other in a way that is reminicsent of the rallying of the ‘troops’ at Cronulla .Just IMHO
    (I have trouble getting these stories here “dugg”. Any ideas, anyone?)

  3. No doubt the pigs that killed him will now desecrate his burial site as well. Why leave him alone even after death?

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