Germany’s Spiegel: Fanaticism infuses numerous faiths, certainly not just Islam

Germany’s Spiegel presents yet another puff-piece on moral, religious and ideological equivalence. ‘All religions lead to fanaticism’ and are equally bad, we are told. Christianity of curse, is worse than the rest because it caused all the evil in the world today.


6 years after 9/11 and with more than 30+ jihad war’s in the world, with 30 million Muhammedans in Europe, who make no beef about their intend to finally conquer Europe to make it islamic, this is probably the shallowest and worst manifest of stupidity and ignorance written in recent years.

A few years ago Germany’s ‘Stern’ magazine produced a similar self-hating crapola called ‘Wie die Christen den Hass saeten’- (‘How the Christians sewed the hatred’) which blamed the crusades for todays jihad against the West.


The equally bad, if not worse Hollywood-flick ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ depicted the Crusaders as barbarians and the Muhammedans as noble, honest and tolerant.

The truth remains to be found on the internet. The question we should ask is simply: Why do they do it? Why is the leftist media hellbent on obscuring and deflecting away from the one ‘religion’ that should be under scrutiny?

Take a look and let me know what you think:



Violence in the Name of God

By Erich Follath, Manfred Müller, Ulrich Schwarz and Stefan Simons

Murder and terror do not figure in the teachings of the monotheist world religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Yet time and again, their fanatical followers embark on bloody rampages, their rage fired up by zealous priests and religious scholars.


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7 thoughts on “Germany’s Spiegel: Fanaticism infuses numerous faiths, certainly not just Islam”

  1. one of Dubya’s famous quotes:
    “I trust God speaks through me. Without that, I couldn’t do my job.”
    I wonder if God told him to illegally invade Iraq?

  2. Atheist:

    Would you kindly enlighten us where atheism and GWB are mentioned in the above article?

    Neither does the above article mention Iraq or ‘illegal’ war.
    You are welcome to post here, but kindly stay on topic and don’t distract with irrelevant sneers!

  3. to Sirius ………because it’s not faith based or delusional lilke all other religions. Because it deals with life on earth now and not what happens after you die. Becuase it doesn’t start wars or foster ignorance like all other religions. To the Sheik, my arguement is if GWB were an atheist he would not have illegally invaded Iraq. The fact that he is a Christian is one of his main motivations for invaded Iraq.

  4. I love how the media can’t bring itself to blast islam for all the trouble it causes in the world but when it finally does get around to doing so it lumps Islam in with all the real religions. More moral relativism-one of PC’s ugly offspring.

    Funny-I don’t remember the last time Buddhist terrorists flew a plane into a building. Or Hindu terrorists. Or Jewish terrorists. Or even those evil Christian terrorists. But the media says all these religions are just as bad as Islam. How pathetic.

  5. The invasion was justified under the UN charter, which guarantees the right of each state to self-defense, including pre-emptive self-defense and the security council had already approved the use of force in resolution 1441, passed in 2002, warning of “serious consequences” if Iraq failed to give a complete account of its weapons programs. We remember the ring around the rosy Saddam took weapon inspectors on, do’nt we? Or have we forgotten? Excuse me Sheik for going OT, I could’nt let that go through to the keeper.
    The crusades prevented what appears to be now the inevitable, the islamification of Europe which would have put the industrial age back a bit. If only Spiegel would ponder that thought for a moment…

  6. I’ve decided to look at the fundamentals of all religions and put them into practise.
    Firstly, orthodox Judaism. Long sleeves and skirts are going to suck in the summer heat and there goes the sour cream with beef dumplings I like so much.
    Next, Islam. Being a woman, I’ll have to submit to a beating (at worst) from my husband, denial of sexual relations if I don’t tick hubby off too badly. My hair is my best feature but no one will know that for the next week as I’ll be hijabbed in public so as to maintain my modesty. But I will have the comfort of being able to look down on all the kuffar who live around me in their evil decadent Western ways.
    Buddhism. Hmm. I ain’t shaving my head for no one. And I did vegetarianism during my uni days.
    Lastly, fundamentalist Christianity. The scourge of modern society. Now, I want to get this right. From my understanding of the New Testament, I shall have to forgive my enemies, treat people as I want to be treated, there will be no set rules on clothing and all dietary restrictions are lifted, however, I will be expected to act with kindness, goodness, patience, love, peace, joy, long-suffering and self-control.
    Choices, choices…
    (The above is not meant to define any of the above faiths in their entirety).

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