Hanieh: Shut up and pay the Jiziyah..!

‘We will not recognize any agreements, we will destroy Israel, we will terrorize you and now we are united, so just shut up and pay the Jiziah…’ sez the thug in chief Ishmail Haniyeh.


And Condi is on the way with bags full of money because its all good, right? Right.

Lets give them a state, they deserve it. They really do!


By Nidal al-Mughrabi Mon Feb 12,
GAZA (Reuters) – Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh appealed on Monday to the United States and other Middle East mediators to restore economic aid to the Palestinian Authority in response to a Hamas- Fatah unity deal.

Reuters Photo:1.

Palestinian Hamas supporters attend a Hamas rally against Israeli excavations near the al-Aqsa mosque compound,…

Photo 2: Haniyeh & Abbas in Mecca (looking for peace or what?)

“The American administration should reconsider its hasty position, which refuses to deal with the will of the Palestinian people,” Haniyeh, a Hamas leader, said in a speech.

“I say to the Quartet and to the European Union that this is the will of the Palestinian people, and they should respect it and they should work to end the status of siege,” he said.

The Quartet of Middle East mediators — the United States, the European Union, Russia and the United Nations — cut off direct funding of the Palestinian Authority after Hamas came to power last year

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2 thoughts on “Hanieh: Shut up and pay the Jiziyah..!”

  1. Olmert the idiot will end up giving the palestinians whatever they want rather than exploit the fighting among them. The palestinians have never had it so good when it comes to Israel.

  2. What a bunch of useless creeps! Murder and annihilation is all they ever talk about. Even when they pray. It is criminal stupidity to give them even one red cent and our governments are giving them billions. unreal!

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