Iran negotiator: Nuclear program ‘no threat to Israel’

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Iran’s top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani addresses the Security Conference in Munich on Sunday.

February 11, 2007

• Iran’s nuclear program no threat to Israel, says country’s top negotiator
• Ali Larijani says Tehran has no aggressive intentions toward any nation.
• Iran prepared to settle outstanding issues with IAEA, he says
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MUNICH, Germany (AP) — Iran’s nuclear program is not a threat to Israel and the country is prepared to settle all outstanding issues with the International Atomic Energy Agency within three weeks, its top nuclear negotiator said Sunday.

Ali Larijani, speaking at a forum that gathered the world’s top security officials, said Iran doesn’t have aggressive intentions toward any nation.

“That Iran is willing to threaten Israel is wrong,” Larijani said. “We pose no threat and if we are conducting nuclear research and development we are no threat to Israel. We have no intention of aggression against any country.”

In Israel, Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev dismissed Larijani’s comments, saying Iran’s government was trying to convince the international community to believe that their intentions are benign. “The fact is that they have failed in this attempt and there is a wall-to-wall consensus that the Iranian nuclear program is indeed military and aggressive and a threat to world peace.”

Iran insists it will not give up uranium enrichment, saying it is pursuing the technology only to generate energy. The United States and some of its allies fear the Islamic republic is more interested in enrichment’s other application — creating the fissile core of nuclear warheads.

The IAEA, led by Mohamed ElBaradei, has said it has found no evidence that Iran is trying to build nuclear weapons. But the U.N.’s nuclear watchdog agency has suspended some aid to Iran and criticized the country for concealing certain nuclear activities and failing to answer questions about its program.

(If you have a guy named ‘Mohammed’ watch over you, rest assured he will not find any evidence of nuclear activity even after Israel is nuked)

“I have written to Mr. ElBaradei to say we are ready to within three weeks to have the modality to solve all the outstanding issues with you,” Larijani said at the forum.

Write us a letter when yer ready, will ya? You can use postage stamps like these:


Read it all, I won’t bother to comment on these swine who want to ‘wipe Israel off the map’…

* But before you are making another donation to Islamo-infested ‘human rights’ organizations like Irene Khan’s amnesia intentional or you join a demo against the old US of A think twice, perhaps you should focus on this:

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  1. Someone should show this idiot some of the statements his president has made in recent months. Make the worm squirm a little.

  2. is a good program and a peaceful one and is no danger to the Jews of Israel or least it will not be once Iran drops the nuclear bombs on Israel and in Muslim eyes there will finally be peace in that threat will no longer be there to Israel because the State of Israel will be gone and Iran’s program will not be a threat to Israel at all how can it be when Iran has blown Israel to radioactive dust you can’t threaten some is not there it would be lying in the finest tradition of Islamic conception

  3. No human being deserves this kind of treatment particularily from a government that purports to be guided by religious principles.There is no adequate words in the english language to describe these depraved sadists hypocrites liars monsters that are asking the world to trust them .May god deliver a mighty justice on them.

  4. Nice….look at the disturbing smile on the one on the far left. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

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