Islam, Terror & the Jiziyah

 Hamas Whines, Seethes, Threatens

* that headline came from LGF

Hamas is whining again that the United States won’t give them money while they continue to murder Jews and advocate the destruction of Israel: Hamas says U.S. undermining Europeans on unity deal.

The murderous thugs from Hamas and Fatah decided to unite instead of killing each other. Its not that they decided to respect Israel or the right of Jews to live in peace. No, their idea is that when two groups of genocidal mass-murderers unite and go to pray in Mecca that Allah may kill the Jews for on their behalf, that they should be rewarded. This bizzarro mindset is encouraged by the wimps in the European Union, who believe the poor ‘Palestinians’ are under siege, that they deserve a state of their own, which they don’t even want.

A state -with no economic basis- other than the Jiziyah is an absurdity. Yet the gravy-train of funds from all the world, a world that was blackmailed into paying this protection tax (which didn’t save anyone from terrorism, quite the opposite) never stopped. In the past, under Arafat, the PLO got used to being rewarded for every terror attack and every atrocity. Billions of dollars disappeared and the ‘Palestinians’ became ever more impoverished, indoctrinated and dehumanized. Only when the Arabs were given a chance to vote and when they promptly voted  for the worst murderous scum in the Middle East, Hamas,- did the Quartet, (the EU, America, Russia and the UN ) pull the plug.

Ever since then the Pali-Arabs are telling us to pay the jiziyah and to shut up.

The EU-Dhimmies -as always- want to cave in. The Russians have vested interests with other Arabs and don’t mind to pay, the UN is totally infiltrated with parasites who vote for the Arabs, so it only leaves the US that prevents us paying tribute to a terror organization.

In todays news we can see already how perverse the situation has become:

AFP, AP, Reuters are all whoring for the Jiziyah:


AFP/POOL Photo: German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier(L) and Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas address a press conference at…

Abbas optimistic that sanctions will be liftet


AFP Photo:

Hamas exiled supremo Khaled Meshaal speaks during a press conference after a meeting in Cairo…

Hamas urges US to back Palestinian unity efforts (AFP)


AFP/File Photo: A Palestinian woman buys fruit at a market in the West Bank town of Ramallah,…

Palestinians increasingly unable to buy enough food: UN (AFP)

So because we don’t pay tribute to these genocidal zombies we are guilty that they can’t buy enough food. Then they turn around and tell us they can live on salt and dates as long as they can destroy Israel. What is wrong with us? Why don’t we let them eat salt and dates?

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  1. I cannot stand these palestinians-the absolute worst of the ummah. Billions of dollars wasted. Arafatpig died a billionaire (and they say crime doesn’t pay). All that whining about paradise lost (i.e. Israel was created). The neverending terrorism. All the drum beating for these total losers. The one good thing about these Muslims is the fact that they are Muslims. Therefore, there is a very good chance that Fatah and Hamas will end up killing one another again real soon because we all know that no “religion” preys upon itself as much and as well as Islam. Happy shooting!

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