Mahatir Mohammed condemns “cruel retaliation by powerful countries”

Sure, because the jihad must continue and resisting the global jihad is evil and upsets the Muslims.

Mahatir, this racist Jew,-infidel-and white-man-hating old geezer never held back to smear the infidel world with his inferiority complexes. ‘Recalcitrant’ like the egregious Peanut Khadr, he cannot resist the limelight.

Here he is again, squirting his sewage all over western leaders:

Mahathir labels Iraq coalition ‘murderers’
February 05, 2007
FORMER Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad has accused George W Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard of being bigger murderers than Saddam Hussein and the September 11 attackers.
In some of his most provocative swipes yet at the Western leaders, Mahathir said today that their war in Iraq had caused worse terror than al-Qa’ida’s suicide bombers around the world.

“What Blair and Bush have done is worse than what Saddam had done,” Mahathir, 81, said in a speech to inaugurate a three-day conference organised by his non-government organisation, Perdana, and aimed at criminalising war.

On Wednesday, conference delegates are expected to formally launch a war tribunal that would hold “trials” for world leaders against whom common citizens file complaints.

The tribunal will not have the legal authority of any international organisation and will not be able to impose penalties, but Mahathir said its aim is to condemn the accused in history books.

“We should not hang Blair if the tribunal finds him guilty, but he should always carry the label `War Criminal, Killer of Children, Liar’,” Mahathir said.

“And so should Bush and the pocket Bush of the Bushland of Australia,” he said, referring to Australian Prime Minister John Howard, a staunch ally in Washington’s campaign against terrorism.

Needless to mention it: He spoke at another ‘peace conference’….

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7 thoughts on “Mahatir Mohammed condemns “cruel retaliation by powerful countries””

  1. FORMER Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Moham…….NO NO NO lets start again

    FORMER Malaysian Der Führer Mahathir Mohammad……….

  2. “…Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission “???

    Wow! What’s next? “Mecca Center for Human Rights?”, or
    “Islamabad Space Travel and Research Agency”?

  3. The “recalcitrant” is back. Obviously he loves the attention.

    Actually, I wish he were right saying the Jews rule the world by proxy: things would be a lot better for all of us instead of being ruled by saudi oil!

  4. …”Actually, I wish he were right saying the Jews rule the world by proxy: things would be a lot better for all of us instead of being ruled by saudi oil!”

    Good one!
    Gramfan, you won’t mind me spreading it around, right?

  5. Christian West
    GO FOR IT!!!

    Funny, didn’t Hitler say similar things? Also because the Jews “ruled” the world 6 million were exterminated. Yeah,,that is what you would do to your own people if you ran the world.

    And now the Jews of the world are causing Israel all kinds of grief by “supporting” terrorism???

    It is easy to see logic doesn’t come through in islamic genes!

  6. Prior to 9/11 the West left cesspoolia alone and patted itself on the head for welcoming millions of them to their nations. This despite the fact that these “peaceful ones” were busy attacking Western interests all over the world on a small scale-bombings, killings, kidnappings. The “horrors’ that the West has unleashed since 9/11 is a result of that one event. Funny how all these Islamaniacs have forgotten this-no 9/11, no “horrors” being inflicted on the ummah in Iraq or Afghanistan. They started this crap,we need to finish it-simple as that.

    “They started this crap,we need to finish it-simple as that.’

    I recall the Munich Olypmpics, and other stuff that went on during the ’70’s.
    Alarm bells should have sounded loud and clear. The audacity to turn these “friendly games” into a blood bath should have sent a strong message to all of us. This is the M. O. of utter cowards who have no morality and integrity.

    But way back then it was Israel’s problem which they solved alone. It didn’t take them long to move on to other western victims right up to 9/11, bali, London and Madrid.

    Speilberg’s “Munich” movie was a disgusting take on this episode, especially after his epic,”Schindler’s List”. Of course he is safe in his Ivory Tower in the hills above Hollywood, and has all the money he needs to secure his home and family unlike most of us. I used to think he was a genius: now he is just deluded. Just look at what they are doing to the whole world – not just Israel, cos we could well be next.

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