Melanie Philips: Muslims for Sanity

The author of ‘Londonistan’ discovers some Muslims that do not like the radical push for the Islamization of Britain:
February 9, 2007
Muslims for sanity
As the madness in Britain continues (watch this respectful Sky News interview (via LGF) with the ranting Islamist Anjem Choudary and last night’s morally eviscerated Question Time on BBC TV to see how Britain is ever more eagerly stretching out its neck for the cultural knife) the good news is that more very brave British Muslims are speaking up in the defence of western civilisation. Taj Hargey, chairman of the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford, has said that he will contribute to a fighting fund to help a Buckinghamshire school in its legal battle over its refusal to let a pupil wear the niqab in class.


Mr Hargey says he will also help organise a campaign among Muslims nationally to resist this largely Saudi-driven campaign to make the niqab a compulsory requirement for Muslim women.

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  1. Those Saudis are so wonderful with their Wahabbi insanity. They love living in the 7th century in all aspects of life except one-making money. They always do their best to make as much money as they can here in the 21st century while exporting 7th century madness to every corner of the world.

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