Muslims ‘turning to drugs’ to cope with ostracism

By Richard Kerbaj from The Australian

* Richard Kerbaj’s heart is bleeding for ‘disadvantaged’ young Muslims who are being’ostracised’ and turn to drugs:


AUSTRALIA’S disadvantaged young Muslims are so directionless and fearful of being excluded by the broader community many are turning to drugs and contemplating suicide.

Ninety-eight per cent of 150 Sydney-based young Muslims surveyed had considered suicide as a “way out” of the conflicts in their life as a Muslim in a non-Muslim society.

The All Eyes On Youth study found eight out of 10 young Muslims aged between 12 and 25 considered the education system of no assistance “in making lifetime choices”, and 94 per cent lacked a clear goal in life.

The findings emerged from a conference for young Muslims organised by the Independent Centre for Research Australia in Sydney last November.

ICRA president Fadi Rahman told The Australian yesterday he was alarmed that almost all the 75 males involved in the survey had experimented with drugs such as cannabis, ecstasy and cocaine.

“We’re talking about cocaine, and some of them have even got to a point where they’ve tried heroin,” said the Muslim community leader from Auburn, in Sydney’s southwest.

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9 thoughts on “Muslims ‘turning to drugs’ to cope with ostracism”

  1. So that’s why the Taliban grows drugs in Afghanistan.
    Poor dears, its a shame that they don’t top themselves as that would bring joy on the world.
    I suppose the hand wringers do need a victim to justify their existence.
    Just go away and die without killing innocents.
    No sympathy from me EVER!!!!!

  2. Since a lot of the Lebanese gangs traffick drugs they should have no trouble getting their hands on them.

    And as D.T. says, in effect, it’s not their fault! Ever!

  3. Reposting this in case it gets missed. (apologies!)

    Gramfan Says:

    February 27th, 2007 at 6:23 am

    Letter box drops can work but I am not keen to see any of us exposed/hurt/hunted down like the two Dannys.

    Need links of all Aussie ‘bloggers, like Piers, Andrew Bolt, Janet Albrechtson. Surely there are more?
    And their email addies:

    Andrew Bolt
    E-mail Address(es):

    Piers Akerman
    E-mail Address(es):

    Janet Albrechtsen
    E-mail Address(es):

    Any others?

    Check TownHall link above. We can still do a lot with the ‘net.

    “Never Give Up”. Winston Churchill.

  4. This is a kind of trick they are playing. They may be frustrated becuase they are not able to fullfil the word of their prophet Mohammed.If these Australian muslims are using drugs, the government has to give them all rights including sharia & law and seperate toilets, seperate schools, seperate food and give the chance to convert others to Islam. After all these, they won’t use drugs and they declare the holy war against non-beilievers in Australia. Very funny, we don’t need to pay attention to this drug users, let them go praying util they reach their heaven where they meet beautiful girls. So don’t need to stop them, they know their god, Allah who will protect them. So let Allah decide what to do.

  5. Poor devils feel suicidal? Go jump off a bridge! Or maybe they should drop Islam like a bad habit and join the rest of the world.

  6. Imagine growing up with a mindset that tells you abosolutely everything you go through is someone else’s fault! Yippee! I take drugs – I’m a victim. I take part in gang rapes (as a perp) – I’m a victim. I get funny looks in the street – yep, I’m a victim. I don’t ever have to do anything for myself because (You guessed it) I’M A VICTIM!!
    Unfortunately, Western society’s willingness to overlook any wrong committed by a ‘victim’ only exacerbates this problem. (Sigh).

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