News on Hicks aka Mohammed Dawoud

US presents fresh Hicks charges
with thanks to Andrew Bolt

THE United States has prepared fresh charges against Australian Guantanamo Bay prisoner David Hicks, five years after he was detained, after the first trial process was ruled illegal by the country’s highest court.

Two charges have been prepared, accusing Mr Hicks, 31, of providing material support for terrorism and attempted murder in violation of the law of war. He faces life in jail if found guilty, his US military lawyer has said.

The Prime Minister has welcomed what he has called the “serious charges” and has sought to claim credit for the US move to lay them.

But Mr Hicks’s father Terry has said the new charges do not make sense and are part of an unfair process designed to convict his son.

Two other Guantanamo Bay inmates have also had fresh charges prepared against them.

The charges are not considered formally filed under US military rules until a Pentagon adviser and another official approve them. That process could take another two weeks and court hearings are not expected until autumn.

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3 thoughts on “News on Hicks aka Mohammed Dawoud”

  1. Aw, more “torture” for the pigs. With luck they will simply die of old age in good old Gitmo.

  2. I think some journo’s live in a parrallel universe. Don’t they ever care about victims of terrorism?

    This guy who previously petitioned the Queen, is now petitioning the Pope to get Dawoud released.
    Someone should tell the Pope that muslims want to kill him!,23599,21168910-1702,00.html

    Pope asked to help free Hicks
    February 04, 2007 04:49pm

    AN Australian journalist who called on the Queen to help free Guantanamo Bay inmate David Hicks has turned his attention to the Pope.

    Barry Everingham wrote to the Queen on December 12 last year and was told last week that Her Majesty would not intervene but had forwarded his letter to British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett.

    Now, Mr Everingham has written to Pope Benedict XVI, begging him to use his influence to have Hicks returned to Australia.

    “Your Holiness is known for compassion and understanding for those suffering,” Mr Everingham wrote in the letter.

    “Mr Hicks certainly falls into that category and we beg you to use whatever influence you have to seek Mr Hicks’ return to Australia and freed.”

    Hicks, 31, has been held without trial for five years at the US military base in Cuba after being detained in Afghanistan in late 2001.

    Prosecutors have recommended that Hicks be charged with providing support to terrorism and attempted murder.

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