Saudi Terror in the making: Will the criminal Fat Sheiks of Arabia commission a hit on Geert Wilders?

The fat turds of Arabia are seething:
* Sheik yer’mami covered this story here:

Geert Wilders, outspoken Dutch politician, got himself into a bit more trouble since he called on Dutch muslims to ‘get rid of half of Koran!’


Dutch politician Geert Wilders is already on the Islamic hit list, and has been living in hiding for years. So he doesn’t have much to lose by speaking his mind about the ideology that makes it necessary for him to live that way.

But back in the world center of Islam, our friends the Saudis are seething with rage over Wilders’ statements about the Koran, and demanding that he apologize to the world’s 521 gazillion Muslims—and that the Dutch government put a stop to any more talk like this: Saudi wants Dutch MP apology for Islam offense: paper.


The sons of Allah are not asking, they DEMAND: 

RIYADH (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia wants an apology from a Dutch politician who said Muslims should “tear out half the Koran” if they wanted to live in his country and has asked the Dutch government to intervene, a Saudi newspaper said on Sunday.

The Dutch government, which said it did not agree with the remarks made by populist anti-immigration politician Geert Wilders, confirmed that foreign ministry officials held informal talks last week with the Saudi embassy in The Hague.

“It (the embassy) appealed to the appropriate authorities on the need for Wilders’ insulting statements to be withdrawn and an apology given to Muslims,” the Saudi newspaper al-Watan reported.

“The embassy has demanded that the Dutch side put an end to such statements and actions.”

One thought on “Saudi Terror in the making: Will the criminal Fat Sheiks of Arabia commission a hit on Geert Wilders?”

  1. Just watch the Dhimmi Dutch fall over backwards apologising to the Sauds.
    The Dutch will tolerate themselves to insignificance in the not too distant future and the Dutch Left will hound Wilders to an early grave.
    Well they made sure Ayaan Hirsi Ali got tossed out of the country, didn’t they?

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