Islamic School

Watch how she weasels and lies:

Here’s a British TV report on the Saudi-funded King Fahad Academy in Acton, where the schoolbooks teach that Jews are monkeys and pigs, and Christians and Jews will burn in hellfire.

The director of the school is interviewed, and she says the translations are inaccurate, taken out of context, etc. You know the drill, and siince you don’t speak Arabic you can’t possibly understand anything about Islam.

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6 thoughts on “Islamic School”

  1. She got owned something chronic and still won’t take those books out of the school.
    Good to see the “out of context” and “misinterpretered” but don’t forget the favorite “must be read in arabic” crap got a mention.But still she didn’t deny anything.Haven’t we heard all that tripe before?
    She is the poster girl for taqiyya and kitman even dressing like a westener,I truly despise these people.Notice how she was looking at the other woman when she was lieing?
    The Brits had better be very careful for they will be destroyed by islam……
    OT: my daughters retrial has been defered till Monday 12th.

    OT:my daughters retrial has been defered till Monday 12th.

  2. I saw this – it was truly pathetic. I mentioned it on another thread.(“out of context thread” I think).
    Put simply they all go to the keysar trad school for “BULLS***!
    Or else he goes to theirs.

  3. Mohammedans deny their lies either with “I never said it”, or “taken out of context”.

    They use the former in the absence of a record and the latter when the record is available.

    But I don’t understand why the interviewer never asked the
    mohammedan hitlerite what exactly was the proper context in which “Jews ARE monkeys and pigs, and Christians and Jews will burn in hellfire”.
    Perhaps Atheist knows the real context…

  4. Islam has to be the biggest fraud in history. The Koran supposedly was given to Mr. Perfect by Illah in the Arabic of the time. ANY alteration of Illah’s word is considered a crime-therefore, unless a person can read the Arabic of Mo’s time they are reading blasphemy. Technically, Islam died centuries ago when the last reader of old Arabic died-therefore, all the crimes committed in the name of Islam since then can automatically be explained away as “misinterpretation”. How convenient for Muslims! I guess it’s also safe to say that for centuries Muslims have been following bastardized versions of the delusions and bloody deeds of a megalomaniac
    since Korans have been written in every language in the world for all these years. As Mr. T would say “I pity the fools”!

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