Thailand: The Jihad Rages On…

Especially now, since Surayud Chulanont, a Muhammedan general. has ousted the elected PM Thaksin Shinawatra and putsched himself to power. Surayud is now the Prime Minister with the blessing of the hapless king.

As a Muslim, he will never do anything against the Ummah, the nation of believers…
The bombs that went off in Bangkok for New-years were just the beginning:



Thai soldiers led by a Buddhist monk carrying the coffin of a slain colleague in the southern province of Narathiwat. The insurgency has claimed as many as 2,000 lives. ( Madaree Tohlala/Agence France-Presse)


By Seth Mydans
Published: February 25, 2007


PATTANI, Thailand: Some are already calling it war, a brutal Muslim separatist insurgency in southern Thailand that has taken as many as 2,000 lives in three years, with almost- daily bombings, drive-by shootings, arson and beheadings.

It is a conflict the government admits it is losing. A harsh crackdown and martial law in recent years seem only to have fueled the insurgency, generating fear and anger and undermining moderate Muslim voices.

A new policy of conciliation pursued by Thailand’s junta since it took power in a coup five months ago has been met by increased violence, including a barrage of 28 coordinated bombings in the south that killed or injured about 60 people a week ago.

“The momentum of violence is now beyond the control of government policy,” said Srisompob Jitpiromsri, a political scientist at Prince of Songkhla University here.

“The separatists can pick and choose the time and place of the violence without any effective resistance,” he said. “They have the upper hand.”


He said there had been more than 24 beheadings in the past three years and as many as 60 attempted beheadings.

Human Rights Watch counted more than 6,000 violent incidents over the past three years. It said that more than 60 teachers and 10 students had been killed and 110 schools — the most visible signs of central government authority in many places — had been set ablaze.

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Some posters from Jihad Watch nail it and propose remedies:

‘I just love these “stories” written by leftists and I quote, “A harsh crackdown and martial law in recent years seem only to have fueled the insurgency”

What a crock! A harsh crackdown would have killed the terrorists, so it was not a crackdown or martial law which had anything to do with Thailand’s Muslim murderers. ‘

Two words: Disproportionate Retaliation

For every Buddhist killed, burn down a mosque, preferably during peak prayer time.

Only when other Muslims begin to feel pain in far greater numbers will anything change.


Look, this Muslim mayhem could be stopped in 60 days if the Thai junta would hire some Israeli advisors and employ some Chicom brute force.
Simply cordon off the areas, infared the travel ways and in one massive boom the government wipes out the problem.
The government evacuates the Muslims into FDR detention camps which are Islam free and opens the 3 provinces up for settlement. Prosperity and peace for all and every Muslim finds out the Muhammed medicine he dished out and dishes out in the Koran.

The Thai people are a lovely people and as Islam is making them crazed murderers…
.remove Islam.

4 thoughts on “Thailand: The Jihad Rages On…”

  1. Any crackdown that leaves enough jihadists around after three years is obviously not harsh enough. When you have vermin in a house you spray all over the house, kill the vermin as you see them and eliminate potential sources of vermin. It’s the same when dealing with jihadist vermin.

  2. What to do with Islam?

    I propose dropping a few hundred tons of PIG MANURE over the Mecca’s central mosque, so it covers completely that ridiculous black stone Kaaba that moslems revere for being allah’s own hemorrhoid he gave moslems as a token of his kindness.

    I predict that once that abominable eyesore is covered with pig shit and there is no immediate cosmic retaliation from that super-hyper-macho Allah the Moslems would realize that Allah is just as real as tooth ferry and in no time abandon that fetid, murderous cult – Islam. We would free moslems from Islam, so they may join the rest of the humanity after 1400 years in Islam’s dungeon. We would do them the greatest possible favour!

  3. gee wizz what can we do? no one knows what is going on O/S, the likes of us do because we give a shit, how can we make Australia open their eyes and see?
    No one knows! I would like to make Australia feel as out raged about this as I do, alas I am but a cog in the works but willing to be part of an organization that brings the facts to the people in the street.
    Letter box drops talk back radio etc with directions to relevant tell tale web sites, I am Sydney city area I have no problem walking for miles I can drop thousands of flyers.
    Sheik you could have a fact file on you page and we can down load it and print it out and do what areas we can, I am sure most of Australia would be covered by your readers? it would not be a huge personal cost apart from ink and paper and a bit of walking… I can manage that, If I can make 1 out of every 20 flyers make a difference to how that person feels then it would be worth it as they will pass on this information to others, also if the Their community in Australia see Australians giving a shit and willing to jump up and down about it, it may encourage them to do a bit of jumping as well.
    One of the flyers may make it in to the hands of some one who can move and shake????
    How could people care about the likes of David Hicks over say, some innocent Indonesian Christian school girls with heads removed by Jihadists?
    So Sheik if you can come up with a one page flyer with impact we can open many more eyes?
    BTW I hope sheik you did a letter box drop in that area of Cairns that would be a great help to stop That mosque if you have not already.
    did you know that there are photos of these girls on line? taken from a mobile phone? in a hospital surrounded by the doctors sewing bits back together.

    Warning these images are completely wrong, have a bucket ready otherwise don’t look….Warning……………………………………….


    Letter box drops can work but I am not keen to see any of us exposed/hurt/hunted down like the two Dannys.

    Need links of all Aussie ‘bloggers, like Piers, Andrew Bolt, Janet Albrechtson. Surely there are more?
    And their email addies:

    Andrew Bolt
    E-mail Address(es):

    Piers Akerman
    E-mail Address(es):

    Janet Albrechtsen
    E-mail Address(es):

    Any others?

    Check TownHall link above. We can still do a lot with the ‘net.

    “Never Give Up”. Winston Churchill.

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