The Slime from the Video

Video: passenger who alerted flight crew about Flying Imams speaks

With thanks to Jihad Watch:

The Flying Imams incident has accomplished just what it was probably intended to accomplish: I have information that Islamic sensitivity training, often led by CAIR, has intensified among law enforcement officials in direct response to this incident. But there are still a number of troubling questions about the imams’ behavior.

Here’s a direct account from Pajamas media: 


Here is a video interview with one of the passengers who complained about the imams: “Hear from the passenger that alerted crew of ‘suspicious actions,'” at (thanks to Nate).

Here’s a transcript:

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  1. The bastards manufacture an incident, then reap the rewards. This is sickening. The whole world is now in the business of rewarding the most reprehensible behavior-and we all know who leads the world in reprehensible behavior by a wide margin.

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