Video: Ayaan Hirsi Ali with Bill Maher


“People in the Middle East are more passionate about religion than the Swiss…”

Charles from LGF:

” If the radical Islamists lose the support of the American left, they’re going to be in big trouble in this country. And when Bill Maher starts telling the truth about the Religion of Peaceâ„¢, than trouble is just around the corner: ”

Not quiet. Not yet. The misconceptions and the equivalence between ‘all religions’ is still there and Maher didn’t need to bring the ‘Godfather’ into it at all,  but the truth about the ‘RoP’ is slowly seeping through:

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  1. Sheikh, did you fix your email? Oh god, please, have it fixed. Your music should be used in videos on Islam – can anyone do that for your videos? I mean, is there any copyright? And for god sake, get your frigging email fixed.

  2. Yes mate. Please try to sent e-mails, it works for others. Why shouldn’t it work for you too..?

    Yes, I do have the copyrights to my songs. I am finishing another lot of songs within this month and March, then I will get serious with the album cover and the presentation and the printing. And yes, my computer doctor is doing a slide-show with the music and the words underneath, that should be ready also, soon!

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