Was Joseph Gutnick a Terror Target of Willie Brigitte?

Gutnick on coded list
Fiona Hudson
February 10, 2007

BUSINESSMAN Joseph Gutnick’s name was in a coded notebook belonging to terror suspect Willie Brigitte, a French court has heard.

Also listed were Jemaah Islamiyah boss Abu Bakar Bashir, suspected of inspiring the 2002 Bali bombings that killed 88 Australians, and Jack Roche, now serving nine years’ jail for conspiring to bomb Israel’s embassy in Canberra.
Roche said at his May 2004 trial that Mr Gutnick was considered as a target for an al-Qaida plot to attack Jewish interests in Australia.

The notebook, found by police at Brigitte’s home in the southwest Sydney suburb of Lakemba, was filled with coded messages, the court heard.

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