A German Judge Cites Koran in Divorce Case

By Veit Medick and Anna Reimann from Spiegel Online
He beat her and threatened her with murder. But because husband and wife were both from Morocco, a German divorce court judge saw no cause for alarm. It’s a religion thing, she argued.


The judge rejected the application for a speedy divorce by referring to a passage in the Koran that some have controversially interpreted to mean that a husband can beat his wife. It’s a supposed right which is the subject of intense debate among Muslim scholars and clerics alike.”The exercise of the right to castigate does not fulfill the hardship criteria as defined by Paragraph 1565 (of German federal law),” the daily Frankfurter Rundschau quoted the judge’s letter as saying. It must be taken into account, the judge argued, that both man and wife have Moroccan backgrounds.

“The husband can beat his wife”


There have been more cases like this:

In one case dating back to 1967  a young Turk raped (or seduced) the daughter of another turkish ‘Guestworker’- so the father of the girl went to the guys place and stabbed him to death. This was clearly premeditated murder, but the judge back then and there already applied another standard, since these people came from another ‘Kulturkreis’- (cultural background) the guy got away with 2 years.

A German (or non-muslim) would have got 12 to 15 years for the same thing.
What amazes is that female judges fall even more for this ‘cultural’ thing.
Left-leaning, ‘liberal’ types show more ‘understanding’ for this, which they don’t have for their own people. This judge may be in need of Nietsches Peitsche (whip) herself. Some people like it and don’t think its a bad thing at all….

(hope you appreciate my sarcasm, but in Germany everything goes these days…)

3 thoughts on “A German Judge Cites Koran in Divorce Case”

  1. What insanity. I guess now if I want to establish a cult the best place to do so would be Germany. I will write up a Koran-like document and then I can do whatever I want with my followers. Anyone complains and I’ll go to court with my “divine’ document to justify my actions and cite this case. If it’s good enough for Islam then it’s good enough for any other cult.

    And I though US law was crazy!

  2. The law of the land should apply. And there should only be one. That way the message will get through to other potential criminals like this.

    “Cultural sensitivities” is just another thin edge of the wedge in a case like this. Chip, chip, chip,,,,

  3. Rather than facing the reality, many have foolishly allowed sharia’s gradual spread in the name of diversity and tolerance. Unfortunately, as this dark-age is totally incompatible with any democracy, those buying into this multicultist folly are doing so at the peril of their own heritage and freedom. Let us hope there’s a revolt, otherwise…

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