Banned UN Speech: “Human Rights Nightmare”

With thanks to Charles from LGF:

Wow. This is a must see clip from March 23, 2007, in which UN Watch director Hillel Neuer really unloads on the blatantly corrupt UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva—and then is denounced by furious council president Luis Alfonso De Alba, who threatens to remove Neuer’s statements from the record.

The (very corrupt) United Nations at work:

4 thoughts on “Banned UN Speech: “Human Rights Nightmare””

  1. The website posted this in it’s entirety but excluded a detail I’m curious about. Since UN Watch is not an official arm of the UN, rather, an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) it is permitted to give official statements at UN meetings only if a representative country cedes time to them.

    Which member yielded their time for Hillel Neuer? A pat on the back to the country providing this much needed opportunity!

  2. It was such a pleaser to watch this man give his statement of truth on the biggest shower of good for noting wasters of all time in front of President Luis Alfonso De Alba. The brain dead Luis Alfonso De Alba could not answer this man, because the truth gave him a good smack in the puss. All that good for noting ignoramus could do was cancel his statement of truth.

    And yet western countries waste the height of peoples hard eared tax payers moneys on that big anti Jewish, anti west, pro Islamic fascist shit bucket UN. Give them the shower of good for noting wasters the boot, the world would be far better place without the UN

  3. A brave and courageous young man: an old ignorant creep.
    (and I am no youngster!)

    Time to get rid of these people who endanger the lives of ALL innocents.

  4. The UN, protector of human rights, to practice “censorship?” Makes you wonder just whose rights they care about doesn’t it. The UN is an impotent, fascist over run organization. It is corrupt and no longer stands for the good and decent ideals of the founding members. And, they want to be one of the leading players in George Soro’s New World Order? They will certainly fit in!

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