Brigitte Gabriel on Hannity & Colmes

Even more than Ayaan Ali Hirsi,  this outspoken survivor of Islamic terror spills the beans. The Islamic websites are seething. They try anything to smear and discredit her.  She is an ‘Islam basher’ (who could blame her?) ‘another anti-Muslim  extremist’- (LOL!) a  ‘torture advocate’- who did her best to whip up as much hatred and loathing against Muslims as she could manage in a few minutes.’ 

* Just wondering: Those who suck the hatred in with the mothers milk, those who commit  the worst atrocities daily in the name of Islam want to be ‘loved’ because of what exactly? Because they are Muslim? Because their Profit Mohammed was such a lovable guy?

* No surprises here. When  shills for Islam call Ayaan Aly Hirsi  a ‘bomb-thrower’  (was it Time magazine or Newsweep?) then you know that our society is seriously infiltrated and that somebody is trying to force feed us something that is not good for our health.
* We are trying to get Brigitte Gabriel to Australia. You can donate to this site to make it happen. Watch  the video and let me know what you think:

4 thoughts on “Brigitte Gabriel on Hannity & Colmes”

  1. Are you people sleeping in Australia ? “WAKE UP”
    grow a spine this nightmare is not going to go away.
    Shake it off and get involved before it is to late.

    I grew up in America thinking that the Australian people
    were tough, strong, Fearless – But I just don’t see it
    as you roll over time and time again to this Plague know as

    God help you all.

  2. Brigitte’s book ‘Because they Hate” is a fantastic read. Her childhood nightmare in a war torn county living in a bunker for years and managing to hold on to her dreams were an inspiration. A woman of great strength and resilience, I cannot express how much I admire her. Hirsi Ali’s book ‘Infidel’ arrived a couple of days ago so I’ll be head over heels in love with Ms Ali soon…
    What Brigitte is saying here is what we all know or at least should know by now, and the sooner this information is out in the open the sooner people will see how journalists and politicians around the world are on the Saudi roil family payroll. Yes virtually all are radicalize as anyone can see around the world and in history books when they reach critical mass.
    Brigitte is a brilliant speaker, every time I’ve seen her she rolls out the ‘evidence’ like a machine gun feeds out its bullets. She’s the best…

  3. Not only must we fight the fight against islam, but we have an even harder fight to try to tell any one who will listen,like the MSM, politicians and even our neighbours, what is at stake.

    I can see now how the allies won in WW2. It was a united front and sheer determination to succeed, and knowing what they were fighting for.

    This isn’t the case now.

  4. This is what makes my blood boil just looking at them stupid morons try walk down Bridget and basically ignoring and dismissing her. I could toss a bucket of cold water over that stupid tosspot that shoved Brigitte off in that very rude way. Now this is what we are up against, not just Islam but also the westerners that are asleep, dumb, stupid thickos, moonbats, and islamo sympathizers.

    One day those morons will be very sorry for not paying heed to Brigitte and the many like her, if it all keeps going the way it is going a lot of people will be sorry. What the fuck does it take for some people to believe that Islam is a threat to the world, are they really that stupid? can they not see the insanity going on all over the world invoving islam? This is very worrying! We need more people to wake up and recognize Islam for what it is.

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