Daniel Pipes: ‘Eurabian Nights’ or ‘Europe’s Stark Options?’

THE MOST critical issue facing Europe is the long-term relationship between the continent’s natives and its burgeoning Muslim minority. There are but three outcomes—Islamic takeover, Muslim expulsion or harmonious integration—and the end result has profound implications not only for Europe but for humanity as a whole.

Muslim Rule

The buoyant faith of Muslims, with its attendant jihadi sensibility and Islamic supremacism, could not differ more from that of lapsed European Christians. This contrast leads many Muslims to see Europe as a continent ripe for conversion and domination. Outrageous supremacist claims result, such as the statement of Omar Bakri Mohammed, “I want Britain to become an Islamic state. I want to see the flag of Islam raised in 10 Downing Street.” Or the prediction of a Belgium-based imam: “Soon we will take power in this country. Those who criticize us now, will regret it. They will have to serve us. Prepare, for the hour is near.”[1]


Ready for the Islamic takeover?


3 thoughts on “Daniel Pipes: ‘Eurabian Nights’ or ‘Europe’s Stark Options?’”

  1. This may happen because Europe is more concerned about human rights, religious tolerance, etc. Do Muslims respect human rights, tolerance, other relgions, etc. In this case Muslims are winning, why?, whenever somebody talks about their terrorist prophet, this becomes a big issue; huge rallies agianst this, killing Chritians, Jews. But the Europ still say ” do not insult Islam and it is the religion of peace”. We see what will happend, I can’t do anything but I know as I am living in an Islamic country with a population of 300,000 where they criticize and hate non muslims and they teach others that all the other religions are fake and we should convert all non muslims.

  2. Islam will take over Europe because of the weakness of its governing elite. Having lost any belief in an afterlife, they will do anything to hang on to this life. As one Dutchman (?) was quoted: I was never prepared to defend my freedom, only enjoy it.
    However, I do believe that there will be a counter-offensive against Islam in Europe, but of the nasty totalitarian kind espoused by Hitler, not of the kind that draws a moral line in the sand and then defends it.

  3. Yeah ! Jews get used to it we are taking this continent for allah!

    La France does not sound right.

    La République de l’Islam de France!

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