Gitmo is the Best! Russians won’t go home: Hicks gets a 9-month Sentence

Muhammad Dawood gets 9-month sentence for supporting terrorism

Hicks will serve the sentence in Australia and the United States must send him home by May 29. (Reuters)


Muhammad Dawood (aka David Hicks) Update: a slap on the wrist. “Hicks gets nine-month sentence,” from Australia’s ABC News Online
A US military tribunal has sentenced confessed terrorism supporter David Hicks to seven years in jail but he will only have to serve nine months.
The tribunal judge accepted Hicks’s guilty plea as part of an agreement that limited his sentence to seven years in prison, in addition to the five years he has been held at the US base at Guantanamo Bay.

The deal allowed all but nine months of the sentence to be be suspended.

Australian Greens Leader Bobby Brown likens Guantanamo Bay to the Soviet Union’s notorious “gulag” :

(Hicks’ ) guilty plea is simply a plea for release for exit from the inhumane Guantanamo Bay gulag.
Russian jihadists beg to differ. They think Guantanamo Bay is actually a lot nicer – or certainly safer – than even the prisons of Russia today.

Shiva from the illustrated P.I.G has done a great take on Gitmo and Gulag here 

SEVEN Russian terrorism suspects were tortured and abused after they returned from US detention at Guantanamo Bay, Human Rights Watch alleges.

The seven, arrested in and around Afghanistan shortly after the 2002 US-led invasion and accused of fighting with the hardline Islamic Taliban regime, were repatriated with the guarantee that they would not be harmed…

The seven repeatedly asked authorities at Guantanamo not to return them to Russia, saying they feared for their safety if sent back.

5 thoughts on “Gitmo is the Best! Russians won’t go home: Hicks gets a 9-month Sentence”

  1. The scum of the earth have the highlife in Guantanamo Bay , well feed TV, and looked after and treated well. And yet America is always knocked about it in the media, Shiva has a very good point on his blog, a lot of people have forgetting about the real violations human rights, and hell on earth prison camps. America is a good country, it has a constitution that protects human rights, even if them people are the scum of the earth, their still protected.


    If only Gitmo were like the gulag!

    But keep it reserved from for the likes of Hicks and King Wanker

  3. This sentence was most disappointing. I don’t call that justice and am still hoping the Indians will want to extradite him for being part of LET.

    Now the useful idiot premier of South Australia is worried that if Hicks gets out into suburbia he may be a threat.(ABC channel 2 news – no link as yet).

    How hippocritical can one be? First they pick on Howard for “doing nothing”.
    Now that convicted terrorist is out and will go to South Australia, and be out by Christmas. And this lefty, Labor premier is worried????

    I called that a cheek, nerve, chutzpah! Not to mention disengenuous.

    Let them move him next door to Bobby Brown or some other moonbat.

  4. And what did I hear today on the news? That the wankers who have supported this confessed terrorists have presented a petition with 15000 signatures complaining over the treatment of a man who was prepared to fight against our soldiers, and who was prepared to do other acts of violence in the name of Jihad. Give me a break. Hicks did not deserve to be treated any different than any other traitor in the world.

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