Hicks pleads guilty, Shysters walk out

Australian Guantanamo Bay detainee David Hicks has pleaded guilty to providing material support for terrorism before a US military tribunal today.

Hicks announced his plea during the rapidly reconvened hearing, by answering ‘yes sir,’ when the judge, Marine Colonel Ralph Kohlmann, asked if that was in fact his plea.

The judge ordered the prosecutors and defence lawyers to draw up a plea agreement by 6am AEST tomorrow, which was expected to indicate what sentence he would serve.

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer says, with the possibility of a prisoner exchange agreement with the US, Hicks could be home before long.

The 31-year-old, originally from Adelaide, was captured while allegedly fighting for the Taliban in Afghanistan in late 2001.

* Note: SKY NEWS claims he ‘allegedly’ fought for the Taliban. Hicks, aka Mohammed Dawoud, a Muslim, has fought in 5 or 6 theaters of the global jihad, from Bosnia to Kashmir and from there on to Afghanistan. The MSM truly sux…

Shiva has the whole kaboodle with pic’s documented here…



Hicks’ lawyers walk out of Guantanamo courtroom


Geoff Elliott/The Australian
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

TWO of David Hicks lawyers left the military court today in sensational circumstances after the tribunal’s judge said they had not complied with procedural rules.
Judge Colonel Ralph Kohlmann cited a number of compliance issues relating the court process but offered Hicks the chance for both his lead civilian lawyer Joshua Dratel and his assistant Rebecca Snyder to stay on the bench with Hicks to offer advice.

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Update: Bobby Brown, leader of the watermelon commie-greens, lets it fly:

Hicks was ‘tortured’-, imprisoned for five years (imagine!) and never had a chance of a ‘fair trail’-


Just wait till he gets his hands on you and he will show you which way the wind blows! Do you know what the penalty is for Homosexuals under the sharia???

Last Update:

Gun-toting jihadi was not an angel

Janet Albrechtsen / The Australian

FINALLY David Hicks, also known as Abu Muslim al Australia, aka Abu Muslim Philippine, aka Muhammad Dawood, has pleaded guilty to the charge of providing material support for terrorism. And now watch as the real PR campaign goes into angelic overdrive. His vociferous cheer squad will proclaim his innocence, declaring the plea was the only way for Hicks to get out of Guantanamo Bay.

* His father did just that. Just heard it on the radio… 

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Those misguided fools who claim that Hicks was ‘tortured’ should take a look at the Al Quaeda playbook here: Scroll down to lesson no 18

9 thoughts on “Hicks pleads guilty, Shysters walk out”

  1. No doubt the lefties will scream,”not a fair trial, Hicks must have been forced to admit his fault”. Yeah,,right!

    I look forward to more info on this story.

  2. Hey Gramfan, I heard Bob Brown on the radio has stated that the trial wasn’t fair and he went on about the torture and abuse Hicks suffered in GITMO.
    So to all Hicks supporters, when he gets back here and uses ( and he will ) a terror attack to murder innocents are you going to stick you’re hand up and be counted?
    Or will you do the usual and deny you supported him?
    Typical lowlife cockcroaches scurrying from the truth.
    The LEFT has to be destroyed.

  3. I think that people – such as Bob Brown and kevin Rudd – who assert that the military commission system adopted by the U.S. is inherently unfair to David Hicks and the other detainees at Guantanamo Bay would have a little more credibility if they made the same vocal complaints in relation to American soldiers who have likewise had certain of their actions whilst in Iraq dealt with by military commissions.

    We will all be waiting for a long time, I suspect.

  4. Your Sheikiness,

    Stop being so racist – he is no longer David Hicks, he is Mohammed Dawoud, give him the courtesy of referring to him as such.

    Why is he coming back to Oz, wasn’t he granted UK citizenship? Send him there I say and leave the humble Adelaide folk in peace (rather than pieces). We don’t want any more convicts here, particularly murderers.

    Seriously though, being a Dad myself, I do feel sorry for his Dad who has campaigned so hard and for so long for his release. I hope Mohammad Whatsisname doesn’t kill him for being a dirty kuffar as his Koran commands him.

    Sad business indeed.


    ps. Cashmere is what you wear (wooly stuff), Kashmir is one of the places where he Religion of Peace is busy killing Kuffar. Not worth bothering about though, it’s only Hindus, not filthy Zionist Imperialist Oil-grabbing Anglo-Saxon Joooos (or something like that).

    pps. Just fired up my morphing software and can reveal an amazing find. Gavin King, Dhimmi of the Year, filthy traitor to the Australian people, is descended from monkeys and a CANE TOAD – squash the bugger.

  5. D.T.
    Yes,,saw Bob Brown. Unbelievable!

    He pleaded guilty to get home fast, no doubt about that.

    No matter what, the left will think the trial was a joke. Maybe he would have got a fairer trial in Afganistan or Pakistan. I think not.

    How many POW’s even get a trial, especially when the war is still on?

    Then someone compared him to a Holocaust survivor.. How many plump people came out of Auschwitz?

    I just hope he never makes any $$$ out of it. They are now working on taking Schapelle Corby’s money from her. It could be a good precedent if applied to Hicks.

    Ozi_bloke hey,I saw “Gavin King” at the end of ABC news!!

  6. He’s a traitor. He’s getting out of alive. He ought to be damn glad! He deserves much more than he will get foe punishment, like a firing squad!

  7. Bobby Brown and any other bleeding heart for Hicks needs an Afgan woman’s perspective to at least get the whole picture, it would only be fair. I put this argument on every Hick supporter I come across and it shuts them up in an instant…

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