“Islam Forbids Killing of Innocent People”

Because only Muslims are ‘innocent’- and ‘unbelief is worse than slaughter’- pay the jiziyah or die, you filthy kuffar…

There are many Ayat (verses) [of the Qur’an] and Hadith [Islamic traditions] mandating Jihad and warning Muslims of the grave consequences of stalling or abandoning Jihad or staying behind.” He quotes Qur’an 2:191: “And slay them wherever you catch them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out; for persecution is worse than slaughter…” and cites various scholars as explaining the verse to mean that “the state of Kufr [unbelief] or Shirk [idolatry] is worse than the act of killing and worse for the believer than being killed. Therefore, preserving life, or any of the other four essentials at the expense of losing the Deen [religion], is a violation of Allah’s Sharia’ah.” In other words, unbelief is worse than killing, thus Muslims should not hesitate to kill unbelieving noncombatants

Would-be-bomber bullshits gullible court in London:

“I only meant to scare people, like setting off firecrackers…”

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  1. I was going through the archives and in a fit of rage submitted a post, so I’ll repeat it here so it’s not missed:
    We appeal to politicians, we appeal to journalists, we put forward precise information about this scourge on humanity yet none that matters will heed the writing on the wall. The inevitable civil war is coming and those responsible are politicians and journalists, they are the ones hell bent on multi-culturalism so they are the ones to vent displeasure at. There are no politicians or journalists worth any respect, none, not even types like Andrew Bolt because he does not come out and declare this alien ideology of islam completely incompatible with democracy. (I have sent him numerous examples why and all I get is ‘thank you’) We are not bloody muslim, we do not live by muslim rules where blasphemy is a capital offense, the cartoon fiasco was an opportunity lost to jolt the Neanderthal 7th century bigots out of their stupor but our gutless journos chose to cower in their offices appeasing them. Violence is the order of the day, anyone bothered to notice? It’s working a treat…

  2. eloivsdiablo

    Glad I found this post .

    I agree – with everything of course – but you are right about Andrew Bolt. Glad I am not the only one who noticed this.

    “(I have sent him numerous examples why and all I get is ‘thank you’)”
    You too eh??

    He has become useless/backed away/whatever. The whole site doesn’t even follow his rules. The moderating is pathetic. I put an OT here on this:

    His site, when/if related to muslim issues is being taken over like Cronulla and he just lets it happen.
    I don’t know what else to do.

  3. It’s totally pointless debating muslims on islam because any self respecting human being who considers a mass murdering pedophile as holy already has serious issues and this plainly puts islamic history in perspective. Then there’s sharia law which outlines a complete way of life which tells them how to do everything from how to pray to how to go to the toilet. Jihad, death to apostates, a woman is only eligible to receive half the inheritance of a man, the penalty for adultery is being stoned to death, beating a disobedient wife(s) is permissible, and even laughing too much is forbidden, is sharia. When people hear the barbaric muslims insisting on sharia next to no ones knows what it is. These examples of islam are not reason to direct scorn towards muslims, these are reason to mock and laugh at the mindless stupidity of them and the very reason why we should be disgusted and appalled with journalists and politicians for failing to investigate and judge the abominable nature of islam. In the meantime continue to inform the innocent, laugh at the muslims, and scald the journalists and politicians for miserably failing us.

  4. greykangaroo,,yes I saw it today. It’s getting a lot of mention on JWDW and LGF

    Check this out: in Newcastle!
    If Bolt covers this I will be surprised!


    Extremist students take over mosque
    Richard Kerbaj
    March 20, 2007

    eloivsdiablo you are right. Debating muslims is a waste of time. What is worse is reading the s*** and lies they post, and seeing all the little dhimmi’s just lap it up.

  5. Islam has yet to come across any innocent infidels. In the peaceful ones” minds Illah placed infidels in this world as mere targets to be hunted down and killed.

  6. we have to many stupid politicians and to many retarded journalists that only help put our freedom loving countries in grate danger. We need lots of anti Islam committed dedicated journalist that just specializes in one thing and one thing only, the exposing if the dirty Islam ideology. And we need politicians with brains

  7. Just checked. Bolt didn’t run the Newcastle story.(as of now).

    I think everyone is afraid of the anti-vilification laws and is shutting up big time.

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