Life is good in Gitmo! The Result of too many (free) halal Burgers:

Mohammed Dawoud aka Hicks



Yes, Islam means ‘Peace’- add a few extra pounds….


Asshole of the year:

A poster from the Piers Akerman blog sent this in:

Left wing: “If we think the process is unfair then he must be released regardless of his guilt and there’s nothing we can do about it”

Right wing: “Who cares about the stupid process. He’s a traitor and deserves everything he gets”

Left wing: “If we don’t free him then we’re just as bad as them.”

Right wing: “Do you have any idea what he and his buddies were doing?”

Left wing: “That’s not my problem.”

Right wing: “Do you care about what he has done?”

Left wing: “That’s not important. Human rights are all important regardless of who it is and even if they are fighting to destroy those rights for you and me.”

Right wing: “You’re retarded. I hope they kill you first.”

I don’t understand why it is so important to extend rights to people who’s only goal is take those rights way from others? Surely we as a nation can apply the highest standards of rights to those who do not choose to commit Treason against their own people? If you do then you’re on your own.

Tim Blair’s take: 

5 thoughts on “Life is good in Gitmo! The Result of too many (free) halal Burgers:”

  1. Major Mori has a distinct resemblance to Gomer Pyle!
    (or am I the only one who thinks so??)

    Well, he is a famous man now. No doubt some big legal firm will take him on. Too bad he doesn’t qualify for Slater and Gordon.

  2. I don’t understand the left-wing mentality either. Very disturbing. I couldn’t care less what happens to Hicks. He’s a traitor.

  3. I wrote the esteemed Senator Brown a little email about his ‘gulag’ comment. Given that I have studied Soviet history, have a BA in Russian language and Political Science and, on top of everything else, am married to a former Soviet citizen, I politely informed him that his use of the word ‘gulag’ in relation to Gitmo degraded Stalin’s milions of victims and simply made him sound hysterical. I also mentioned that the only time it would be appropriate to use the term would be (1) when Hicks had died of overwork as the result of forced labour (unlikely) or had starved to death (VERY unlikely). What do you think are my chances of a reply?

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