Mamduh Habib Plays the Race Card. Which Race is Islam again?

From Reuters:

* This Jackass Jihadi who went to Afghanistan to ‘find a good school for his children’ is going to run for public office. Surprised?

No. Everything goes these days.

And what’s it all about? ‘Racism and Islamaphobia’- of course!

Come on out, all you infidelophobic Muslims! The jihad must be fought at the ballot box!

“One of the reasons we stepped forward is to confront racism head on and to confront Islamaphobia head on,” said Kaysar Trad, spokesman for Sydney’s Islamic Friendship Association.

“We owe it to this nation to stand up to racists and make a positive political stand,” Trad told Reuters.

* Yeah. ‘Racism’- ‘Standing up to racism’- should do it.

Why not? It worked with Cronulla, didn’t it?

Which ‘race’ is Islam again?

Read it all:

2 thoughts on “Mamduh Habib Plays the Race Card. Which Race is Islam again?”

  1. Which race is Islam? The master race, of course. Better bow before it or die.

    A pity this idiot didn’t have an “accident” in Gitmo. Now Australia must suffer yet another idiot as a result.

  2. I would’ve thought by now that the ‘indigenous’ people of Australia (aboriginies) would have organized an Indigenous Community Liason Cultural and Spiritual Spokesperson to Dialogue with Islam’s Cultural and Spiritual Spokesperson on the subject of Endemic Racism within The Socio-Economic-Anthropo-Political Systems of Eurocentric Australasian Christian Ethos.

    Well. Perhaps not then.
    After all: Mundine’s The Man.

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