3 thoughts on “Mouth to Mouth with Sheik Hilali:”

  1. Blimey mate you gave me a scare with a title that

    Mouth to Mouth with Sheik Hilali:

    I mde visions of him in a yellow burkini with DHL plastered all over,joining the muslimah life-guards down at Cronulla

  2. Perhaps AB has forgotten?
    I hope not. Some of the posters on his ‘blog are doing a pretty good job there!

  3. Bolt miserably fails to do any home work on islam and just goes about blaming the individual thick Sheik, it’s no different blaming Bin Laden when the real source of all this madness is islam and the perfect model for all mankind, mohammad (Plagued By Unconditional Hate). When this Hilali made those derogatory comments about women showing skin as being ‘cat meat’ clerics in Melbourne and Perth came out to defend thick Sheik. Where was Bolt’s opposition to them? I dont remember any, if only some journalist out there would do some research and grind their axes on islam…

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