One thought on “Nutroots smear Wafa Sultan: Making sense is the same as ‘Spewing Hate’…”

  1. I love wafa sultan she says it as it is, I loved when she cut the ground form right under them 2 brain dead Islamic clerics on Arab TV. She is also right about saying der is no moderate Muslims for the simple reason why, 3 reasons number 1 a Muslim says his moderate don’t know noting about his cult and what it teaches, that don’t make him a Muslim because he or she don’t know noting about the cult.

    Number 2 a Muslim says he or she is moderate but have modified and altered the cult, this is strictly forbidden in Islam and will not be tolerated so this don’t make them Muslims. Number 3 he or she says der moderate Muslims they are lying because they are no such thing as a moderate you are either a Muslim or not and we all know what a Muslim means! members of a fascist and very intolerant death cult called Islam waffa is spot on.

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