The Fashionable Gang Rape


With thanks to the gorgeous Pamela of Atlas Shrugs:

“Civil” European society is having hissy fits. The oppression of women in Islam, honor killings, spousal abuse, honor killing death threats to the first Druze Miss Israel, Jew hatred – check! They are down with that. But Dolce Gabbana? Unspeakable!

The ad has caused a huge controversy in Spain, France2 was scandalized into reporting on it, and now Amnesty International in Italy is asking that the ad be pulled from Italian magazines.

I think the ad is a metaphor. The woman is Europe, the men are jihadis. Rape is a weapon of Islamic Jihad isn’t it? And Europe is being raped by Islam. Europe can speak up and out about this terrible Dolce ad but hey let’s be frank, it is sexy – and it is supposed to be fantasy. They color themselves all righteous and rail against the Dolce boys but they can not or will not speak out against the Islamization of Europe? Think about it.

UPDATE: Multicultural Europe and its Suicide By Samir Khalil Samir

So-called dialogue with the Islamic world and relativism regarding marriage, the dignity of women, and sexual equality in the name of multiculturalism is destroying European identity and doing away with womens rights. hat tip Al

2 thoughts on “The Fashionable Gang Rape”

  1. “Entertainment shapes the land, the way the hammer shapes the hand”.

    Advertising and culture feed off each other in a vicious cycle. Advertising geeks sense the “prevailing community attitudes” and then push the boundaries of acceptability just a little. The result is outrage, but the damage is done, and so the culture is moved further in the direction it had already began.

    If you don’t stand for something, you’re gonna fall for anything. You have to stand up and fight for the standards you believe in, otherwise one day you will wake up and look back in horror at what we have become. If this stuff comes to Australia, send an email complaint to the Advertising Standards Bureau quick smart:

  2. The sexual revolution probably won’t stop chipping away at standards until we’re back to a bunch of rabid primates. What’s next … children, incest, bestiality? The Muslim oppression of women has also converged with the sexual revolution (strange bedfellows) , threatening to send us back to very primitive times. Which begs the question …

    How the hell did we ever evolve to such a civil society with high morals? Because we will need to retrace our steps if we are to stop the current decline.

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