The Party of Covered Meat (and Peace)

The winsome and endearing Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hilali, who calls for jihad when he talks to Arab media, supports Hizballah, and got in trouble when he said women without veils were like “uncovered meat” asking to be raped, is announcing the formation of a new Islamic political party.


“The Australian Peace Party”

TOP Islamic cleric Taj el-Dene Elhilaly is “urgently” working towards forming a new political party.

Speaking through an interpreter, the Sheik said that Australian Muslims need proper political representation as their community was being used as a “political football”. The Sheik, who has already established a political committee of Muslim community elders, said forming a party was the next step. He has set a timeframe of 12 months.

A so-called “manifesto”, obtained by, reveals the Mufti’s plans for “The Australian Peace Party” – “An Australian party with Australian goals”.

“It is a party that relies on a new ideology and new blood in order to reaffirm the Australian ethos in our democratic multicultural society,” the manifesto says.

Under the heading “Ethos”, the manifesto says:

“The Australian Peace Party will promote all actions that achieve peace, security and harmony amongst the different people throughout the world.

“The Australian Peace Party believes in benefiting from our own resources and potential and in uniting the scattered masses in order to form one strong united body that will work to achieve our shared aims and objectives.”

Beneath the banner “Benefit”, it says:

“Will add a strong fort around Australia as a nation with many political parties and will work with these parties faithfully for the progress and betterment of Australia.

“Yes: The Australian Peace Party
With you, from and for you.

“Watch for the launch, a new political movement, a proud initiative for every noble and sincere Australian citizen.”

* Just what Australia needs…


The tricks and kicks of the Halali-Trad org.

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4 thoughts on “The Party of Covered Meat (and Peace)”

  1. Why does this guy need an interpreter? Doesn’t he speak English? How long has this idiot been in Australia? This moron wants to start a political party and he doesn’t even speak the language? Un freaking believable!

  2. This is all happening a little more quickly than I expected. There is something going on almost daily.
    Sheik: I can hardly keep up with it all: how do you do it?

  3. I spoke about the Sheik’s comments in a TAFE class last year. I received the highest mark in the class and received a lot of positive feedback from class members.
    You can then imagine my surprise when my lecturer took me aside afterward and told me I shouldn’t say such things because somebody might be offended. We’re talking about mosque-sanctioned rape here and he was worried about the feelings of some hijabbed Muslimahs(!). Moral equivalence is a cancer.

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