31 Dead in Virginia Tech Shooting, Shooter was ‘Asian’

All this in a ‘Gun-Free Zone’- imagine!
Did he shout ‘Allahu-akbar?’ Was his name ‘Mohammed,- Omar, or Abdullah?’

Are Muslims ‘afraid of the backlash?‘- and did CAIRcondemn all acts of terrorism’ with the inevitable ‘but…’ already?

Did the police issue another statement that starts with ‘isolated incident’ that always ends with ‘mentally unstable man- no connection to terrorism..?’

Well, we could be wrong. We could blame Bushhitler. Anybody blame the Jooozzz yet? Lets blame the gun-lobby, Charlton Heston will do nicely…
What will Rosie say? That ‘we had it coming because of the illegal war in Iraq?’ – Did the local mosque-mufti already make his statement that the shooter had ‘no connection to the mosque at all…?’

inquiring minds want to know…

Ahh, go on, nothing to see here. Lets move to sports, or Anna Nicole Smith

Pamela from Atlas Shrugs :

Mass Murder by Lone Gunman at VA Tech


Sketchy details on the 22 32 dead at VA Tech, all shot by a supposed lone gunman. Reports say the gunman is dead but I saw a picture of the “suspect” on the ground being handcuffed. [UPDATE: GUNMAN CONFIRMED DEAD, the guy in the picture may have been taken for questioning and released] The suspect is “Asian.” The victims were lined up and shot execution style. Anybody got a name?

VA Tech is basically a U.S. Army Military recruiting school.

There have been two bomb threats at VA Tech in the last two weeks. We do not know if these are related.



The shooter is said to be a Korean national. At this point in time we still have no knowledge of his motivation or convictions or his religious beliefs.
However, one of our readers sent in this link, which relates to the beheading of a Korean national in Iraq 2004 and the reaction of the Islamic community in Seoul:


South Korea: Muslim Community Hopes Killing Doesn’t Affect Perception of Islam
From the Chosun Ilbo,

Korean Muslim Imam Lee Hang-rae said during an interview at a mosque in Itaewon, Seoul on Wednesday that, “We Muslims were also shocked and felt heartbroken like everyone else. I am worried that this incident may damage the perception of Islam on the whole. The group that kidnapped and murdered Kim Sun-il is a political group that has nothing to do with Islam. They do not obey Islamic doctrines and are even against Islam. Islam itself is peace. The Koran also forbids murder in a phrase, “Do not take any precious life without proper reasons.”
It would be refreshing if just one time, we weren’t asked to accept that this sort of thing “has nothing to do with Islam” just on the word of other Muslims. I wish that just one time, Muslims who say these beheadings have nothing to do with Islam would explain why Sura 47:4 (“when you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks”) doesn’t apply here, and why the example of Muhammad’s beheadings doesn’t apply — in short, why the reasons that the radicals themselves give for what they are doing don’t qualify as “proper reasons” under the Qur’anic caveat cited by Lee Hang-rae.

* But they never do. Instead, all we get from one side are detailed arguments based on the Qur’an and Sunnah justifying what they do, and the other side shouting, “It’s against Islam!” Never mind which side I believe; which side do you think young Muslims who are trying to live their faith properly believe?

With thanks to Jihad Watch



Late Tuesday evening in Seoul, the shooter was identified as Cho Seung-Hui, a senior in the English department, who the South Korean Foreign Ministry said had been living in the United States since 1992. Cho was the only suspect named in connection with the deadliest shooting rampage in modern U.S. history that left 33 dead.

4 thoughts on “31 Dead in Virginia Tech Shooting, Shooter was ‘Asian’”

  1. The guy handcuffed was a campus newspaper reporter. He was identified by the editor of the newspaper on FNC. I guess he was getting too excited trying to get answers and they mistook him for a suspicious person. I really would like to know the identity of the shooter at this time. I believe something strange is happening right now. There was a first shooting in the college dorms killing one and wounding? Police are investigating when 2 HOURS LATER shooting erupts in the engineering bldg. Why in the hell didn’t they lock down the campus after the first shooting? Did they allready have a suspect as was noted way early when this story broke? Later they said he was dead.
    I just finished watching a news conference with Virginia Pres and others.
    I may be wrong but I think they are covering their a**. They took the first shooting as a domestic violence case I believe by what they are saying. Had they taken this seriously all the victims and their families wouldn’t be going through what they are now. My heart goes out to all the families that are affected.

  2. Last report from FoxNews: a Chinese national. They are saying there may be another culprit. Too early to speculate.

    I want to know why he went there with so much ammo?

  3. Apparently he had the words “Ismail Ax” written on his arm. Not sure yet what that means.

  4. Slightly OT. The Korean man killed by jihadis in Iraq was beheaded because he talked to young Muslims about Jesus. He had a real heart for the young people and loved them. He was warned about evangelising but carried on despite the threats. His personal effects were returned to his brother in Korea, among them his Bible. Now, where was this angle covered in the MSM? Nowhere. His death was presented as revenge for S Korean troops being in Iraq. Can’t have the intolerance of Islam paraded on telly now, can we? I have lived in S Korea and got married there. They are without doubt some of the loveliest, kindest and most innocent people imaginable.

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