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  1. A short piece on the Broken Hill Jihad can be found here

    People who were killed and injured by the Muslim terror attack of 1915:


    1)Alma Pricilla Cowie was the daughter of William Cowie and was the girlfriend of Clarry. O’Brien. She was 18 years old.

    2) Albert Elton Millard was working laying wooden pipes in trenches between Umberumberka and Broken Hill.

    3) William John Shaw worked as a foreman in the Sanitary Department, City Council. He was on the train with his Alice and daughter Lucy who was also injured.

    4) James Craig lived near the Cable Hotel and was shot. His daughter had begged him to come inside but he kept chopping up his wood


    1) Mrs Rose Crabb was shot in the shoulder while her baby was in her arms.

    2) Lucy Shaw aged15 was shot in the elbow and was taken to the hospital to have the bullet removed from her arm.

    3) Thomas Campbell on Rocky Hill, Allendale, aged 70 was shot and admitted to hospital.

    4) George F Stokes, a young boy.

    5) Miss Mary Kavanagh, aged 23 was injured after a piece of bone penetrated over her left eye.

    6) Alma Crocker, aged 34, was with her relatives on the train. She was admitted to hospital. Alma had only arrived from Petersburg (Peterborough) the day before for a holiday with her relatives. Alma was one of the first to attend the wounded being injured herself. She tore her petticoat to make bandages. She was quite a hero.

    7) Robert Mills Police Constable was injured in the leg and was admitted to the hospital.

  2. Well I thought the KING and JACK the LAD needed to have a little history lesson about the failures of the Aussie press

  3. Interesting story. The best part was the fact that the bastards were shot dead. What a contrast to today, where capturing such scum is the expectation. Of course had this incident occurred today with the same result the shooters of the Muslim pigs would be virtually crucified for violating PC.

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