Afghanistan: 22 arrested for bombmaking in Islamic religious school raid

Because a mosque is not simply a place of worship. We have seen several stories like this one over the years: bomb-making classes in Islamic schools and mosques. No one in the mainstream media will take any notice of this one, and many will continue to assert that all religions are equal in their capacity to incite to violence — despite the fact that you never see bomb-making classes in Christian or Jewish or Buddhist schools.

22 arrested over bombmaking in religious school raid in western Afghanistan,” by Amir Shah for AP, with thanks to Jihad Watch

KABUL (AP) – Six Afghan teenagers confessed to being part of a bombmaking cell after police raided a religious school in western Afghanistan and arrested 22 people, officials said Wednesday.

The 22 were arrested early Tuesday morning at a madrassa, or religious school, in the village of Qala Qlay in western Farah province, said Anaar Khan, spokesman for the provincial police chief. Many of those arrested were teenagers, he said.

Six of the suspects confessed to bombmaking activities, and some confessed to being involved in at least two roadside bomb attacks in Farah, Khan said.

One of the suspects, a 16-year-old, confessed on state TV, Khan said. The boy said he had been sexually abused by the group’s leader, Mullah Hayatullah. Hayatullah had been a target of the raid but was not at the madrassa when police arrived, Khan said.

* If it was a child molesting priest you would have this story all over the MSM. The fact that Islamic clerics are notorious for child abuse is ignored.

Some 300 family members and local villagers travelled to the governor’s compound to insist the suspects had only been studying Islam and had not been a part of a bombmaking cell, said Gov. Muhajuddin Baluch.

Meanwhile in southern Zabul province, Taliban militants ambushed a police convoy on the main Kabul-Kandahar highway Tuesday night, killing two policemen and wounding three, said Ghulam Jailani, the provincial highway police commander. Two police were missing after a 45-minute gunbattle, he said. Militants also stole one police vehicle.

In southern Helmand province, two gunmen on a motorbike killed a tribal leader and cleric named Mullah Abdul Falam, said provincial police chief Ghulam Nabi Malakhail. Falam had been a supporter of the government, schools and reconstruction, Malakhail said.

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  1. Are we certain that these arrests weren’t made because these people were failing their Bombmaking 101 class?

    Ah, Islamic religious school-all about Allah, Mohammed and TNT.

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