Al Reuters: ‘Beslan Memorial Plan Angers Russian Muslim Leader’

Russian Muslims Seething Over Beslan Memorial

A plan to build a memorial to the hundreds of people—many of them children—killed during the Beslan school takeover by Islamic terrorists has provoked seething from Russian Muslim groups.

They’re angry because it’s not “inclusive” enough: Beslan memorial plan angers Russian Muslim leader.

And notice that al-Reuters won’t even break out the word “terrorist” to describe people who take over a school and rape and murder children.


MOSCOW, March 4 (Reuters) – Plans to build a memorial to the 333 hostages killed three years ago in the Beslan school siege have sparked a row between Christians and Muslims in Russia.

The local Russian Orthodox diocese says it will build a church in the grounds of Beslan’s school No. 1 to commemorate the victims — half of them children — killed in a clash between insurgents and Russian troops.

* A ‘Clash between insurgents and Russian troops’- are you sitting down?

If there was a grammy to be had for bullshit reporting Al Reuters and Al Beebeeceera would be way up there, they might have to split an Oscar in half….

But one of Russia’s leading Muslim clerics has accused the Orthodox church of trying to hijack a national tragedy by building a memorial that he said would exclude the more than 20 million Muslims who live in the country.

“It is not acceptable to present this tragedy as the tragedy of followers of only one religion,” Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin, chairman of the Council of Russian Muftis, said in a statement.

“We need a monument on this site that symbolises a national tragedy, without any religious undertones, where everyone can come and shed their tears.”

* Right. Perhaps some kind of a plaque that sez something like that:

Tabari IX:69, “Killing disbelievers is a small matter to us”- would that be okay, sheik Ravil?


You see, the swine who kill us, rape and murder our kids and their teachers have the hide to accuse us! Accuse us, that if we don’t build an ‘inclusive monument’ where the terrorists are also honored, glorified like ‘the magnificent 19’ from 9/11,- then WE are ‘hijacking a national tragedy’- because Muslims ‘want to come and shed their tears also’…

That’s chutzpah!

Build it, or else…

Stop the planet, I want to get off!

4 thoughts on “Al Reuters: ‘Beslan Memorial Plan Angers Russian Muslim Leader’”

  1. The Muslims do not want any memorial to reflect the jihad against Christians. They will have to raze it as jihiliyah once the demographics give them control of Russia.

  2. Yes let the Beslan Memorial be built and erected prominently for the whole world to see the savargery of innoncents murdered by the death cult of islam.
    Let the world see how quiet muslims are to anger at the death of innocents, and how they rage at anyone knowing it was their cult who allowed this to happen in the name of their god allah.

  3. From a poster on Jihad Watch:
    There is no respect for the kafir, living or dead in islam, as the kafir is not truly a member of humanity. Only the mohammedans following the way or path of allah are human. All other people who do not hold their doctrine must be dhimmis, slaves or killed. This behavior is sanctified by the koran and the sunnah of mohammed. Dualism, or the exclusion of the idea of a common humanity is the root of their dualistic religious, political and social system.

    Posted by: the poetess at April 6, 2007 10:14 AM

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