Australia: Mastermind recruiting Islamic gang inside super jail

* Prison Da’awa (proselytizing) is in full swing Downunder, because Allah is most forgiving and merciful.

In Europe, especially in France and England, we witness the same, while dhimmified authorities build Muslim-friendly toilets facing away from Mecca. Similar stuff goes on in US-prisons, where hate-preachers find easy access and plenty of new recruits:


The Ring Leader… Bassam Hamzy


Sydney Morning Herald/Alex Mitchell

THE NSW Government has launched a prison crackdown on a group of the state’s most dangerous criminals who have converted to Islam.

The targets are held in the highest security jail in Australia, the Super Max facility inside the walls of Goulburn jail, where one in three of the inmates is a Muslim fundamentalist or a convert.

Two prison converts, one a convicted murderer and the other a rapist, have married Muslim women in marriage ceremonies conducted over the telephone on party lines.

Attorney-General John Hatzistergos is introducing sweeping changes to the prison regulations so the Super Max Muslims are monitored 24/7 because of safety and security fears.

“We have to be able to control every movement and every utterance because of the threat they pose,” Mr Hatzistergos told The Sun-Herald. “We don’t want to see any risk to people either inside or outside the system. We simply can’t take our eye off them.”

Called the “Super Max Jihadists”, they are easily identifiable, with shaven heads, long beards, carrying prayer beads and conducting prayers at least three times a day in their cells.

Their ringleader and powerbroker is Bassam Hamzy, jailed for 21 years for the cold-blooded shooting murder of an 18-year-old man outside the Mr Goodbar nightclub in Oxford Street in 1998.

Prison officers have confiscated pictures of Osama bin Laden from the walls of Hamzy’s cell. Prisoners have been captured on surveillance tapes kneeling in front of Hamzy and kissing his hands.

The 37 Super Max inmates, including backpacker serial killer Ivan Milat, have committed 48 murders and are serving combined sentences of 550 years.

Now 12 of them claim adherence to Islam and form a close-knit culture in the purpose-built jail within a jail. Under Mr Hatzistergos’s new measures, Hamzy and his apostles will be deemed “extreme high security” and be subject to controls that can be ordered at any time by NSW Corrective Services commissioner Ron Woodham.

The crackdown will stop money being sent by sympathisers on the outside to influence inmates to convert to Islam.

In future, Mr Woodham will have to approve in advance any sums of money sent to inmates’ accounts in the “extreme high security” category.

“We don’t have a difficulty with people taking up a religion per se in jail,” Mr Hatzistergos said.

“A lot of people do and that can be beneficial.

“Where we do draw the line is where religion is really a camouflage for other activities.
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“If any person thinks that by taking up religion, that somehow it is going to lead to them being treated differently on a day-to-day basis, they will be sadly mistaken.”

He was supported by Mr Woodham, who said: “We’re concerned about real heavy criminals who have had no interest in religion at all during their lives but, on coming to jail, then convert to Islam.

“A number of Aboriginal prisoners, unfortunately, doing impossible sentences, have converted to Islam. They denounce their Aboriginality for Islam.”

Outlining the new powers to case-manage the Hamzy followers, Mr Hatzistergos said: “They can be moved around the jail system for any purpose at any time.

“The commissioner can put in place any additional security arrangements he wishes, including a restriction on contact visits, monitoring those visits, monitoring phone calls, recording phone calls and checking all mail.”

Mr Hatzistergos, who is also Justice Minister, said the Department of Corrective Services would face justifiable criticism if it didn’t act in response to the safety and security of the prison system being compromised. “We make no apologies for it,” he said. “We are dealing here with, religion or no religion, some of the worst of the worst offenders who have no respect for authority.

“The thought that somehow religion has acted as a catharsis for them and made them see the light is, quite frankly, ludicrous.”

Source: The Sun-Herald

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* Excerpt: The ‘Prisoners Rights Group” called Justice Action, denies this is happening, and as always with these far left enablers of criminal perversion, calls the evidence presented ‘laughable:

But prisoner rights group, Justice Action, says there is no evidence the men are engaged in gang activity.

Justice Action spokesman Brett Collins says prison authorities should welcome religion among prisoners.

“This clearly is quite laughable,” he said.

“The area itself – the HRMU [High Rise Management Unit] – has had $75 million spent on it only for a mere 70 people,” he said.

“To justify such money, it requires every now and again this sort of a stir to remind us of how dangerous they are [where] in fact if they practise religion, that’s a good thing, not a bad thing,” he said.

Check out some of the recent ‘reverts’

Inmate is focused on being martyr for Islam


Dangerous … Leith Marchant.

LEITH Marchant, serving a 32-year minimum sentence for the assassination-style murder of Nathan Treganna during a robbery in August 2002 at Lane Cove River Park, has adopted a hardline approach to Islam since his conversion.

Guided by his fanatical beliefs, 33-year-old Marchant rejects TV and radio and won’t have either in his cell.

He sleeps on a concrete bed without a mattress to demonstrate his piety.

The main focus of his daily religious studies is martyrdom, Corrective Services Commissioner Ron Woodham said.

“He tells people, quite openly, if he was out on the street, he’d be prepared to die for the cause,” Mr Woodham said.

In November 1999, while serving seven years for armed robbery, Marchant broke out of Long Bay jail after prising apart iron bars but was recaptured a few days later.

Sentencing Marchant for murder in 2003, Justice Greg James said the accused had shown “ruthlessness and decisiveness” in shooting the victim in the head at point-blank range and labelled him “a person who is almost without prospect of redemption”.

Marrying from prison – over the phone

TWO Super Max inmates who converted to Islam married Muslim women using a three-way telephone hook-up involving the prisoner, his bride and an imam.

* And would that allow those Muslim women and their clans to settle in Australia? If that is the case, what measures have been taken to prevent it from happening?

Guy Staines, a convicted murderer and former jackaroo, was converted to Islam by the Super Max ringleader Bassam Hamzy.

Soon after, he began an illicit relationship with a female prison psychologist whom he converted to Islam.

* You start wondering sometimes about these psychiatrists and lawyers who fall for the crims, seems that most of them need psycho-counseling themselves…

She was forced to resign last year when their relationship was discovered.

They then married over the phone. Staines called the woman from the Super Max and an imam joined them on a party line, where they swapped wedding vows according to the Koran.

Although the marriage has no status under NSW law, it is recognised by Muslims.

Another Super Max inmate to marry over the phone was Peter Buchanan, an Aborigine who was also converted by Hamzy.

Hamzy arranged contact between Buchanan and a Muslim woman who was a single mother.

He provided them with sums of money totalling about $600.

After their telephone wedding, Buchanan confessed to his new wife that he was a convicted rapist.

* Not a problem: Mohammed was a rapist himself, and rape of infidel females is sanctioned by just about every Muslim cleric. Ask catmeat sheik Hilali, he will tell you!

Buchanan was released from jail on parole last year after completing his 13-year sentence.

Source: The Sun-Herald

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  1. Marriages over the phone (1900 IMAM4U?); piccies of ObL on the cell walls;
    foot fetishes; cash for conversion and more. Welcome to Goulburn Super Lax, and enjoy your stay.

  2. I’m intersted about the part of the article which says (roughly) that you shouldn’t expect different treatment because you have adopted a religion. What demands are being made by these newly embearded devotees? That one phrase stands out from the rest of the article because it doesn’t seem to fit. Is it Mecca-facing loos? Halal food prepared with utensils that touch only halal food? Conjugal rights with the (four) wives? What is it? Muslim only guards? Gloved infidel hands when handling the (not at all holy) koran? What demands for different treatment are being made?

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