Australia: Muslim group angered by visa ban on jihadist Sheikh

Prontissimo, you knew that was coming. Predictable like clockwork. The inevitable whining and seething of the ‘moderate’ Muslims:

Kevin Andrews maintains the sheikh is a national security risk. (File photo) (ABC TV)

The Islamic community has questioned the Government’s ban on Canadian Sheikh Bilal Philips, who was to speak at the first Australian Islamic Conference.

Sheikh Philips was invited to attend the Melbourne event over the Easter weekend but his visa application has been refused on security grounds.

* This youtube vid shows  Philips promoting polygamy


The president of the Federation of Australian Muslim Students, Chaaban Omran, says the sheikh does not promote terrorism and the ban on him is unjustified. More on Chabaan Omran here...

* A quick Google search on Chabaan Omran and you’ll find gems like this: ‘“The more our foreign policy is involved in killing innocent civilians, the more the youth will want an explanation, and if they are not getting that, then the kickback will be sometimes you will get that one-off person – like they did in London – who takes matters into their own hands…’

Which puts Chabaan Omran squarely in the opposite camp:

“He has written a number of very good books to do with Islam about character et cetera … and it just seems ludicrous that you ban an individual but you don’t actually ban his books,” Mr Omran said.

But Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews maintains the sheikh is a risk to national security.

“This gentleman has a long history in relation to support for extremist Islamic positions and the security authorities, based on that and other evidence that they have available to them, made the assessment.”

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  1. I would love to hear from an Imam just who are regarded as ‘innocent cilivians”. As a matter of fact I will as one and post his reply.

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