Cure Yourself with Islamic Medicine: Call Dr. Mo (or read it and weep)

Mohammedanism is a mental disorder


Winston Churchill said it best: ‘…a fanatical frenzy which is more dangerous than hydrophobia in a dog..’

One of our readers sent this in from Faith Freedom:

If a fly falls in a vessel, dip all of it and then throw the fly away, for in one of its wings there is a disease and in the other there is healing…(Sahih Bukhari 7.71.673)

Drink camel’s urine as a medicine… (Sahih Bukhari, 2.24.577)
Drink Muhammad’s urine, have no stomach problem (Ash Shifa)

If we have doubt about the healing effect of Muhammad’s urine, here is what Ash Shifa writes:

He used to spit into the mouths of suckling children and his saliva would satisfy them until nightfall (Ash Shifa, Tr. Aisha Abdurrahman Bewley, 2004, p 184).
A man with a scrotal hernia came to the Prophet who commanded that it be sprinkled with water from a spring in which he had spat. That was done and the man was healed (ibid, p 186).
The Messenger of Allah slept on a rug in the house of Anas and perspired. Anas’s mother brought a long necked bottle in which to put his sweat, the Messenger of Allah asked her about this. She said, “We put it in our perfume and it is the most fragrance of scents.” (ibid, p 35).
There was also the time when Malik ibn Sinan drank his blood on the Day of Uhud and licked it up. The Prophet allowed him to do that and then said, “The Fire will not touch you.” (ibid, p 36).
Something similar occurred when ‘Abdullah ibn az Zubayr drank his cupped blood. The Prophet said: Woe to you from the people and woe to the people from you,” but he did not object to what he had done (ibid, p 36).

Something similar is related about when a woman who drank some of his urine. He told her, “You will never complain of a stomach ache.” He did not order any of them to wash their mouths out nor did he forbid them to do it again, (ibid, p 36).

The hadith of the woman drinking the urine is sound. Ad Daraqutni follows Muslim and al Bukhari who relate it in the Sahih. The name of this woman was Baraka, but they disagree about her lineage. Some say that it was Umm Ayman, who used to serve the Prophet. She said that the Messenger of Allah had a wooden cup which he placed under his bed in which he would urinate during the night. One night he urinated in it and then examined it in the morning, there was nothing in it. He asked Baraka about that. She said, “I got up and felt thirsty, so I drank it without knowing. The hadith is related by Ibn Jurayl and others. (ibid, p 37)

Read it all if you can stand it.

And keep in mind that good Muslims kill for this kind of wisdom called Islam.


Update: It gets worse, much worse:

Cameroon threatens to jail urine drinkers


By Jane Flanagan in Johannesburg

A dramatic surge in the popularity of “urine therapy” in Cameroon has prompted the government to ban its consumption and threaten persistent offenders with jail.

The health minister acted last week after a book about “urinotherapy”, published in Switzerland, entered the best-seller list in Cameroon, prompting enthusiastic experimentation by readers.

One newspaper hailed urinotherapy as a universal cure-all which could tackle scores of afflictions, including cancer, snakebites and infertility. Testimonials to the benefits of urine consumption dominated radio phone-ins and the letters pages of newspapers.

Click on the link above, read it all!

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  1. “The hadith of the woman drinking the urine is sound.”

    Alcohol is haram, but they still get on the “piss”. There could be a marketing opportunity for Foster’s here!

  2. It really is a pity Dr. Mo is not around today. He’s be a billionaire offering up his body fluids as medicines. No need to wage war to enrich himself at all.

    Have a Dr. Mo-it’s the cure for what ails you!

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