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Mufti Update:

Trad scotches sheik sack report Article from AAP

AN Islamic group that claims to have sacked the mufti of Australia Sheik Taz al Din al Hilali does not have the authority to do so, spokesman for the Islamic Friendship Association Keysar Trad has said.

The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) has abolished the role of mufti and severed all ties with the sheik, Fairfax Newspapers report today.

AFIC President Ikebal Patel told Fairfax the organisation owned the title of mufti and had stopped paying Sheik Hilali’s salary.

But Mr Trad, president of the Islamic Friendship Association, said the AFIC did not have the authority to strip the mufti of his position.

“AFIC is not in a position to sack the mufti at all,” Mr Trad told Sky News from Lebanon today.

Mr Trad said AFIC gave Sheik Hilali the position of mufti back in 1989, but it had gone into administration last year.

He said the organisation was now simply was trying to show it remained relevant, since coming back on board in February.

“The president of this organisation is dealing with issues that are well beyond his authority,” he said.

“The imams board, which was formed as a result of a reference group recommendation, has now taken over the decisions about the position of mufti. That imams board has a large number of imams from all over Australia making a decision about this position,” said Mr Trad.

Mr Trad said Sheik Hilali told AFIC to stop paying him last year when the federation went into administration.

“Mid-way through last year he told the organisation to stop paying him. The organisation went into administration and they said they could no longer pay their employees. He said to them, ‘I don’t want to be paid for this position, I don’t need to be paid, I’m serving the community’,” Mr Trad said.

In February, AFIC said in a statement it had been under administration since September 2006 after the suspension of its executive committee.

The board was reformed on February 25, when new office bearers were elected.

Mr Trad said Sheik Hilali was currently attending a conference in Turkey and knew nothing of the controversy surrounding his position.

He told Sky News the sheik remained the person most qualified to hold the position of mufti in Australia, saying you would have to look all over the world to find a person with the same level of knowledge.
And here is some more of the hatred they spew in the Middle East:

2 video’s for Easter:
Uwe Friesecke is a german political activist, representing the BuSo extreme left party, for the European Parliament.. He is a contributing editor of the “Executive Intelligence Review”, run by Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche. Lyndon is an American political activist labelled as conspiracy theorist, crackpot, attention-seeker and political extremist, fascist, a cult leader, a homophobe, and an anti-Semite”unrepentant Marxist-Leninist.

‘Women marry dogs and donkeys in Denmark:

No shortage of assholes experts who demand your respect. All cultures are equal, right?

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  1. Ah, I see now why we can’t get a grip on the problem: we’re dealing with insane people.

    Either that or aliens. They certainly don’t live on the same planet I live on.

    And is that the shite the Muzbot world is seeing reading and hearing every day? No wonder they’re all mental. Hell, that makes even the BBC seem reasonable.

  2. “‘Women marry dogs and donkeys in Denmark”

    I haven’t heard about that, but I know for sure that some women marry MOSLEMS! Imagine THAT!!!

  3. If you believe in Jesus, thats the same message for Jesus Christ i.e. no to adultery, no to homosexuality, yes to modesty, yes to marriage. However, you guys (Christian West, Sir Henry Morgan and likes) have been blinded by your arrogance and your judgement is flawed. Well Quran and so does Bible believe in a day of Judgement. Lets leave it to God to decide between us and you on the day of Judgement.

  4. Marxist-Leninist is a mad out and out lunatic he even looks and acts mentally unstable, and that Arab women TV presenter is an ignorant backward brain washed head, filled with hate, as you would expect being brought up in a Muslim country.

    As for that other Arab talking about dogs and donkeys, Muslims are the experts on having sex with animals

    Islamic Teachings on sex with animals:
    The meat of horses, mules, or donkeys is not recommended. It is strictly forbidden, if the animal was sodomized while alive by a man. In that case, the animal must be taken outside the city and sold.”
    If one commits an act of sodomy with a cow, a ewe, or a camel, their urine and their excrements become impure, and even their milk may no longer be consumed. The animal must then be killed as quickly as possible and burned, and the price of it paid to its owner by him who sodomized it. Muslims are aloud have sex with any animal, except pigs or dogs.

    Ammar Khalid, what is so arrogant about criticizing and speaking out against a fascist ideology, and satanic blood thirsty death cult? You are the one that is blinded and brain washed like all other Mohammedan zombies

  5. So let me get this straight. Because the US doesn’t give the medicines that THEY invent to absolutely everyone in the world free of charge, they are guilty of genocide? Maybe if her worthless pig ignorant people invented some medicines of their own, using the trillions of dollars of oil money they make every year, they could give them to whoever the hell they want. Oh but wait, that would divert money from the precious jihad. And it would require learning useful things like science that aren’t in the source of all wisdom, the koran, and maybe even liberating their women so that they can work in hospitals and laboratories as well.
    And when africans and arabs slaughter each other by the millions, the failure of the US to stop them is also genocide? God forbid that they ever take responsibility for their own behavior.

  6. Ammar Khalid;

    “Lets leave it to God to decide between us and you on the day of Judgement.”

    Fine with me!
    And in the meantime, please, get the fuck out of here – back to the Daar al Islam!

  7. CWS – Ditto, but allow me to elaborate.
    It is the unwillingness of we comfortable and compassionate Westerners to believe anyone capable of such perversity of thought and deed that allows this evil “religion” and its practitioners to operate with absolute assurance throughout the world. More used to cinema than reality, we expect reason will sway them, or a cuddly teddy bear prove them to be warm and caring. And with careful censoring of our news, editing out all reference to the existence of anyone more objectionable than freedom loving Westerners, we can count on islam to retain its guise of “religion of peace”. Thankfully, a majority is aware of the scam islamic apologists are working. Mistrust continues to grow and that is a positive sign. But until we recognize the true, almost indescribable depravity of this creed, close its mosques and medrassas and deport these peddlars of hate and murder, we will invite an ever widening community of vermin whose goal it is to preside over our demise…

  8. Eloivsdiablo,

    “Thankfully, a majority is aware of the scam islamic apologists are working. Mistrust continues to grow and that is a positive sign”

    Yes, no doubt about it. Too many cats are out of the sack by now.
    However, an awareness of something – even if shared by majority – can not bring a change if it is not coherently expressed and followed by the will to act politically on multilevel of societal structure. The awareness of the nature of the Cult, however common, will not be enough to bring about a change if it is not complemented by the awareness that our political system has degenerated into a caricature of democracy. What we have is the rule of extremely well organized ideological elites controlling the people by countless political gadgets and tricks – all of them designed to hide the reality that the people have only as much power as the elites allow them to have. The degeneration is the culmination of the three decades of the devious, relentless leftist onslaught on our values, traditions, history and patriotism. That war sneaked into every institution, especially educational ones, media, even church and imperceptibly replaced their Western “DNA” with virus of multiculturalism. That sham must be exposed before we can do anything.

    One thing, however, we can start doing right now. And this is making the quislings aware that their treasonous activity has been noticed and duly recorded, so it may be used against them once the tide starts turning the other way. They must be made aware that they will have to pay with their heads if the left shall fail in its effort to murder the west. Let them live in fear of such a possibility.

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