Hate Preacher Fights Court Battle to stay in Britain

From the Evening Standard, with thanks to Jihad Watch
Courtroom Jihad from Sheikh Abdullah El-Faisal. This case should be thrown out of court immediately. The idea of a man who “urged followers to kill Jews, Hindus and Americans” bringing a human rights case ought to be shown up for the absurdity that it is, and Sheikh Abdullah El-Faisal deported immediately to Iran or another such place where such preaching is not only tolerated, but invited by government officials, who indulge in such rhetoric themselves.

After the 7/7 bomb attacks Tony Blair promised to kick out 500 Muhammedan hate preachers, but not ONE of them got a shoe in the ass to this very day.


Sheikh Abdullah El-Faisal urged followers to kill Jews, Hindus and Americans

A hate preacher blamed for indoctrinating one of the July 7 bombers is using human rights law to fight deportation from Britain, it emerged today.

Sheikh Abdullah El-Faisal – a Jamaican-born Muslim convert who urged followers to kill Jews, Hindus and Americans – is due to be freed from prison within weeks after serving two thirds of a seven-year sentence for inciting murder.

The Home Office has begun legal moves to deport the fanatic, who Ministers say is a continuing threat to national security.

Its official report of the July 7 attacks described El Faisal as a “strong influence” on Jermaine Lindsay, who detonated the Russell Square tube bomb that killed 26 people.

But El Faisal, a twice-married father of four, has lodged an appeal on the grounds that deportation would be a breach of his human right to a family life.

He has already lost one hearing, but is now dragging the case to the High Court in the latest setback to Tony Blair’s promise to boot out preachers of hate.

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  1. These people hate Western society but still they flock Westward in droves. And man, do they put up a ferocious fight to stay there once they cause trouble and are asked to leave. Stay the hell out unless you want to assimilate!

  2. We be reluctant to see the British government boot out them hate preaching Mohammedans, the British government are stupid, so stupid to the extent that when hate preachers are caught spewing red handed, like on the dispatches under cover mosque program, thanks to the sleepy stupid government, the hate preachers ware able to shake it off like water of a ducks back.

  3. We ALL know why they are here: we just have to make sure that everyone else gets to find out!

    thanks for the concept wizard site. They do amazing stuff.

    you should put GK on a mail out list,lol!! The man needs an education.

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