Iran: The Burka Police Enforces “The Law”

The Islamic Regime intensifies war on women

The Islamic Republic of Iran has intensified the 27 year tough war on women and Gender Apartheid policy.

Here are some more photos showing the Bassiji-Hezbollah paramilitary militias (including black cows, the female Islamists) repressing and intimidating women who dare not to observe strictly the Islamic dress code.

Notice that the veil in Iran is mandatory for all women, regardless of whether they are Iranian or non-Iranian (even female tourists have to wear it while they are in Iran).

Some Women were arrested and taken to the police station to be interrogated. We can only guess what happens to repeat ‘offenders’ – and who knows what’ll be their fate!










As you can see, its not simply the ‘Revolutionary Guards’ that enforce the black madness called ‘modesty’- its mostly the black cows who run after those who step out of line…

5 thoughts on “Iran: The Burka Police Enforces “The Law””

  1. Black cows? Black pigs would be better. Shame on the pigs for stabbing their own sisters in the back like that. If Iran ever manages to free itself from this insanity the black pigs should be tarred and feathered or better yet-paraded naked in the streets.

  2. the reality of the book The Handmaids tale is in iran already. Women as part of the government oppression of other women, sister against sister. Divide and you conquer thats what islam is all about- oppressing and sexualisation of women and placing them in vulnerabel submissive pathetic doormat role within society under mens control God help the poor little girls in iran today

  3. Islamic countries really are s**t holes. I seen the funniest thing in my life the other day sheik!, a Muslim husband and wife with kids walking down by the river side, a big white swan went straight for the burka women, and grabbed the burka! The swan kept pulling and pulling hard at the burka!, the swan almost had the burka off her! it was hilarious!. It must had all went on for more than 30 seconds, it was even more hilarious when the bearded Muslim man tried to stop the swan, the swan let go the burka and stood up to the man aggressively hissing with its chest out.

    This was all priceless, I was raging I didn’t have my camera phone on me at the time; I would have put the video up on utube and shared it with winds of jihad. Even the swans want western countries burka free!.

  4. I don’t believe this story at all. It is wrong.

    Barely any women wear the Burqa or Niqab in Iran! Only in oppressive countries like S. Arabia which USA supports!

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