Islam “elevates” Women and Children:

Lets be “controversial” today:
This 6-year old girl accidentally stepped on an imam’s prayer carpet in Morocco:


Shiva from the ‘Illustrated P.I.G’ has more…

Beaten Saudi woman speaks out


Rania al-Baz was a prominent Saudi television presenter before her husband did what Islam teaches.
Rania al-Baz’s bruised and swollen face shocked the global community – and ignited an unprecedented public debate within Saudi Arabia itself over the normally taboo issue of domestic violence.

From Al Bebeceera


Christian School-girl beheaded on her way to school by a brave ‘mujaheddin’ who got a slap on the wrist. Christians who defend themselves get the deathpenalty in Indonesia:


And here is a nice exchange about FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) where a taqiyya-spin doctor from CAIR tries to do a little da’awa (proselytizing) and puts lipstick on a pig:

“As a practicing Muslim, I find Carlin Romano’s commentary (“Daring to reject the cruelties and abuse of Islam,” June 4) at odds with the actual teachings and practice of my faith. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the subject of the article, fails to make distinctions between teachings of Islam and the un-Islamic actions of particular groups or individuals. She fails to demonstrate that the complained-about misogynistic practices are grounded in Islamic text or accepted by Islamic authorities. She instead attributes widespread cruel and inhumane cultural practices against men or women to Islam…. one cannot find support for their actions in the Quran or in the life and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad.”

Check it out

Actually, its good enough to be posted in full length:

As a good Muslim, al-Zaman conducts dawah and calls others to Islam:

“People of all faiths are invited to participate in a 10-part course CAIR Philadelphia offers, called “Understanding Islam and Muslims through History and Jurisprudence.” Anyone may order a free Quran at or learn more about the Prophet Muhammad at”

Spare us the proselytizing, Adeeba. I dashed off a letter to the Philly Inquirer yesterday:

Dear Editor,
Ms. Al-Zaman would have us believe that the misogynistic practices that Hirsi Ali writes about – and has worked tirelessly against- have nothing to do with Islam. Yet these practices, including forced marriages and female genital mutilation (FGM), are practiced today in many Muslim countries and in Muslim communities in Europe. In Egypt, an attempt by the government in 1996 to outlaw female circumcision was vehemently opposed by Islamic clerics. The Al-Azhar University in Egypt has issued three fatwas supporting FGM, saying that it is mandatory for girls. When Ayatollah Khomeini took over in Iran in 1979, one of the first actions he took was to lower the marriage age for women from 13 to 9. He based this on the fact that the Muslim prophet Mohammed married a 9-year old (Aisha). Since Mohammed is considered a perfect role model to Muslims, Khomeini had religious justification for allowing marriage to young girls. In these two examples, religious grounds were used to justify these misogynistic practices. If only Ms. Al-Zaman would try to persuade her Muslim brothers and sisters to stop these barbaric practices, rather than attempt to convince us that her religion has nothing to do with it.
Ms. Al-Zaman is the director of communications with CAIR. At least five of CAIR’s employees and board members have been arrested, convicted, deported, or otherwise linked to terrorism-related charges and activities. This fact would not go unnoted if any other advocacy group had such a record.
I’m delighted that such a brave, progressive thinker as Ayaan Hirsi Ali is coming to the United States.

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  1. Poor child! Nothing is more upsetting than when these barbarians hurt children. May the God be with her.

  2. And people still attribute the violence to just terrorists and extremists. It’s now far more widepread than that. And spreading to areas outside predominately Islamic regions.


  3. Islam the disgusting cult promotes and sanctions pedophilia, millions of children all over the Islamic world have their childhood robed form them, and they suffer a hell on earth life

    An angry parent on utube expressing his anger about Islam

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