Lebanons Christians leaving by the thousands

“If we love our children we have to tell them to get out.” Islamic Tolerance Alert. “Rise in radical Islam last straw for Lebanon’s Christians,” by Michael Hirst for the Telegraph:


Because Christians love their Children. Because they want to see their children to lead free and prosperous lives. Because they don’t teach their children violent jihad and they don’t breed in order to out-breed others and to blow themselves up for 72 whores in Allah’s bordello.


But the fate of Lebanon is the fate of many countries that fell under the Islamic yoke. Where are we gonna run to when he same thing happens in Australia, because of the wrong policies of those who have sworn to protect us and instead sell our heritage and our future for some misguided ideas about ‘diversity, multiculturalism and political correctness?’


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One thought on “Lebanons Christians leaving by the thousands”

  1. If they want to come to australia, let them go thru like the immigrants went thru like in the 50’s , working on being govt sponsored work.

    My parents did that, and now they are 100% australian in thinking

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