Muslim Brotherhood Leader Calls for Attacks Against the West

From LGF

While the Muslim Brotherhood’s Western enablers mount an
Islamist charm offensive
in the US, doing their best to portray the world’s most pervasive Islamic supremacist group as “moderate” and “non-violent,” back home in Egypt the “general guide” of the Brotherhood, Muhammad Mahdi ‘Akef, is calling for attacks against the US and Israel.

* The darkened callous on his forehead is the mark of the true fanatic; it comes from zealously grinding his forehead into a carpet, 5 times a day for many years. You are not wrong to call this guy a head banger. You can see that also on Al Zawahiri’s forehead, (OBL’s sidekick)


In his weekly sermon, the general guide of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Muhammad Mahdi ‘Akef, called for attacks in Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

He said that the U.S.’s plan was based on imposed rule according to a unilateral view characterized by extremism without taking into account the simplest principles of the unique faith, culture, and society of other peoples.

’Akef called for directing the energy of the resistance, with all the means at its disposal, towards the real enemy of the nation, the occupying, murdering, torturing, and plundering enemy of all good things, the enemy concealed in Jerusalem, Baghdad, and Kabul, the enemy who thinks itself the only human race with the right to live, even at the expense of abandoning the others.

* We have people among us who would ‘negotiate’ with such primates. We should prevent them from negotiating our surrender…!

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