Pakistan: Jihad, Ghosts and hatred

Video: Radical Pakistani Madrassas Flourish

A horrifying look at the rising Islamic supremacism in Pakistan, as extremist, jihad-promoting madrassas flourish despite Pervez Musharraf’s many pledges to crack down on them.

Don’t miss the part where an Islamist compares their trashing of video and music stores with Rudy Giuliani’s clean-up of New York City.

One thought on “Pakistan: Jihad, Ghosts and hatred”

  1. So the only field trips these children go on are kidnapping excursions,
    How to kidnap the police in one easy lesson.
    How to kidnap shop owners and force them to make confessions
    How to attack other peoples property,
    This must be the best islam can offer and allowed by the government.
    I like to see a christian school in pakistan get away with it..
    And its always everybodies fault except Islams

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