Perverting the very Idea of Refuge and Asylum

U.N.: U.S. offers refuge to Palestinians

DAMASCUS, Syria, April 5 (UPI) — The head of a U.N. agency charged with caring for Palestinian refugees said the United States has offered to receive 7,000 Palestinians who fled Iraq.

Karen Koning AbuZayd, commissioner general of the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, said Thursday no specific country has offered to receive Palestinian refugees in Iraq, “but I know the United States confirmed it can take 7,000 of them.”

She told United Press International in Damascus that while there were no plans to permanently settle Palestinian refugees, “some live in difficult conditions, especially those from Iraq and who are stranded on the Iraqi borders” with Syria and with Jordan. The UNRWA chief noted her agency and the U.N. high commissioner for refugees have requested third countries to grant refuge to Palestinians from Iraq.



Great Satan Go Home and Take Me With You! [Mark Krikorian]

The State Department apparently wants to clear up a pesky foreign policy problem by dumping thousands of stateless Palestinians from Iraq on America’s towns and cities. Where do I start? First, did we really invade Iraq so we could move “Saddam’s People” to Schenectady? Second, this is a perversion of the very idea of refugee resettlement, which should be reserved only for the most desperate people in the world who will never have anywhere else to settle—and last time I checked, the Arabian peninsula was mostly empty and awash with money, so it’s their problem, not ours. And third, this highlights another thing we failed to do when we took over Iraq, which was to issue citizenship papers to the Palestinians, affording them permanent status in contrast to Arab governments’ insistence on denying citizenship to even locally born Palestinians, so as to keep them as alienated and as aggrieved as possible against Israel.

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5 thoughts on “Perverting the very Idea of Refuge and Asylum”

  1. No muslim country wants them. Why should the US take them?
    And I thought they were waiting for the Israelis to vacate anyway.

  2. I’m sick to death of bringing these Ameica – haters to our land. Can’t we learn a damn thing from Europe? France? the Netherlands? I wish that I could sue the government for endangering my life. How come our government officials are not held responsible for their actions?

  3. Hopefully, this is just some UN jerk blowing hot air …

    (Can we find out who in the State Dept can make such an “offer to receive” Palestinian refugees? and start deluging that person / department with emails & snail-mails of protest? Before it turns into the truth?)

  4. A_Nonny_Mouse,
    I’m with you, would someone please post some names and addresses?
    I think we should do it here in Australia too……just in case.

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