Straight from the Mullah’s Mouth: Unveiled Women Are like Buses — “Anyone Can Ride”


The Mass Transit Mullah Hassani.

As Iran has just begun it’s warm-weather crackdown on women’s dress in the regime with the Iranian Fashion Police out in full force, it might (or it just might not) bring up the age-old theological question-

What do women and mass transit have in common?

Quite a lot, according to Iranian Mullah Hojatolislam Hassani. In last Friday’s sermon (Friday is the Islamic Holy day), Gateway Pundit reports that the Islamic hardliner divided women into three groups–

The first group… he said are the women who are badly veiled who are like buses who everyone and anyone can ride.

The second group… are women who are wearing scarves without the Islamic overcoats; they are like taxis who only pick up certain passengers.

And finally, in the third group… there are women like my wife who are like donkeys who let only one person ride them!

According to the New York Times, Mullah Hassani is the most conservative voice of Islam in Iran-

Each Friday, the Muslim holy day, he thunders from his pulpit in the Masjid-e-Jam� mosque against everything he views as threatening to Islam and its rule in Iran.

The New York Post reports that Iranian Mullah Hojatolislam Hassani — the title places him in the second rank of mullahs, just beneath the ayatollah level in the Islamic religious heirarchy — ” is wedded to the social and political precepts that have been imposed on Iranians since the Islamic revolution in 1979.” In fact, Mullah Hassani refers sarcastically to the 20th century as “the American century.” He see what many westerners would call progress as nothing more than decadence and decay.

To underscore Hassani’s devotion to Islamic law, the New York Post reports that Mullah Hassani even had his own son, a Marxist, executed for the sake of the Iranian regime. In the interview, Mullah Hassani sees himself on par with Abraham because he “sacrificed” his own son for the regime–

After years as a political prisoner under the shah, Mr. Hassani became an acolyte of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Iran’s absolute ruler for 10 years until his death in 1989. In 1983, at the height of antileftist purges, Mr. Hassani led Islamic guards to the hiding place of his eldest son, Rashid, a 25-year-old Marxist, and assented eagerly as a firing squad executed him. It was an event, he says, that proved his loyalty to Islam.

From Peoples Media Company

* No surprises here.

We’ve heard it all before, women without a tent over their heads are ‘catmeat’- ‘deserve to be raped’- now they are ‘like buses’- me thinks there is a certain madness on display here, could it be Islamic?


In other news: Germany/Berlin

With thanks to Jihad Watch Germany:

Imam Yakub T. can officially be called a ‘hate-preacher’

The former Imam of Kreuzbergs Mevlana mosque, Yakub T., may now officially be called ‘hatepreacher’. The supreme court of Brandenburg Havel ruled in the last instance and this judgment overrides an earlier one by the lower court in Potsdam, which supported the 61 year old in 2006 in his defamation case against the ZDF magazine Frontal 21

The ZDF reporters secretly recorded some of the Imam’s rants in Turkish and Arabic in November 2004, which was published partly. In this report the Imam was caught on tape raving and spewing hatred against the ‘filthy kuffars who will all end up in hell’-

A red-green judge in the lower court saw nothing wrong with that and dismissed the case with the statement that ‘Christians also threaten hellfire to unbeliefers’ – a rather common view held by left wing moobats who hate their own culture and civilization.

The high court judge saw it quite different and confirmed in his judgement that hate speech is in fact hate speech and that the translations used were correct. He ruled for freedom of speech, against the Imam.


One of our readers from Germany who kept an eye on this case wonders why this creep is still in the country in spite of having been given his marching orders quite a while ago:

Germany: Mosque “Hate-Preacher” Accepts Deportation


Deutsche Presse Agentur via Expatica today reports that a Turkish-born imam, whom they do not name for some reason, has agreed not to challenge his deportation order.

After a little research, WR can now give an account of what is going on. The preacher in question is Imam Yakub Tasci, or Yakup Tasci (pictured) who was the imam at the Mevlana Mosque in Kreuzberg, a suburb of Berlin. The mosque is situated in Kottbusser Tor, Kreuzberg’s main square. In November 2004, the television company ZDF TV secretly filmed the imam preaching to his Turkish congregation. The subsequent broadcast caused national outrage.

Tasci said: “Those Germans, those atheists, they don’t shave their armpits. Their sweat spreads evil smells, they stink. They are atheists, what good do they do to us? And since they are unbelievers, in the afterlife they can only burn in hell.”

Later he made a speech to the Milli Gorus militant group, in which he said that suicide bombers in Jerusalem and Iraq were “martyrs”. After Tasci’s sermon was broadcast, a spokesman for the mosque had asked for forgiveness and claimed that the imam had spoken in error.

As described by Islam OnLine, on Tuesday March 22, 2005, the judge at Berlin’s Federal Supreme Court upheld a district court ruling that Tasci should be expelled. The reasons given were that Tasci “is preaching violence at his sermons, a matter that poses a threat to national security and discipline in Berlin, and contravenes freedom of religion and speech. The imam has done too much harm to tranquil and peaceful Berlin, which is melting pot for people of different ethnic and racial backgrounds.”

Don’t you wonder why this hate spewing creep is still there?

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  1. Leave it to Islam to compliment women by calling them mules!

    And when will these women finally get sick of all this BS and start a real inner jihad to overthrow the idiocy known as Islam from within?

    As for that Turkish “holy” who can’t stand stinky Germans I think he needs to return to the fragrant ummah if the stench is so overpowering. Perhaps Gaza with its fine sewage system would be more to his liking.

  2. A “question of governance”: “Those Germans, those atheists, they don’t shave their armpits. Their sweat spreads evil smells, they stink….”

    A “hate crime”: “Those Muslims, those atheists, they don’t shave their armpits. Their sweat spreads evil smells, they stink….”

  3. Please do not be taking this Mullah seriously, as he is Shia, and does not represent true Islam. Sunni Mullah Liam ad-Deen says that a better comparison would be more proper to say unveiled women are like unsaddled camels, since bus and other methods of mass transit did not exist in the time of the Prophet salallahu alaihi wa salim.

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