2 thoughts on “Thank You for supporting Terrorism!”

  1. Hi Sheik

    Did you know that Ayaan Hirsi Ali is coming to Sydney in May for the Sydney Writers’ festival? She’s doing the closing address (19th May I think) Unfortunately, I”ll be out of the country. Let’s hope she gets lots of support


  2. Shiek – I come here from jihadwatch.org (a reassuring site of sanity) and as a fellow Aussie. It seems that evil is in the process of becoming the norm – I really sense this – Islam is the means for all the psychopaths (and brainwashed others) in the world. to have free rein. Every night we are exposed to what Islam is doing and there is hardly a murmur from so called civilized people. The world seems so loathe to stand up and defend the values which have taken hundreds of years to acquire.

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