The Inevitable Result of Islamic Infiltration

The German government recently had similar reports banned and taken off Youtube, where Michel Friedman exposed polygamous practices and the rorting of the welfare system by our Islamic masters. It is just too embarrassing for those true believers in the new age religion of diversity, political correctness and cultural equivalence to face reality.

Now the chooks are coming home to roost: The same is happening all over Europe, in the US and of course in Australia.

Which is all the more surprising that this show was aired:

This report was contributed by WoJ reader Dave

2 thoughts on “The Inevitable Result of Islamic Infiltration”

  1. Well Daryl?
    Because of you’re LEFTY ideals the rest of Australia suffers.
    The Left have to be destroyed.

  2. The arrogance is breathtaking…..

    Deport the parasites and stop the immigration of these people..

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