The Religion of Peace: Coming to a Mosque in your Neighborhood Shortly


* Peaceful students at an Islamic madrassa chant anti-American slogans while burning thousands of DVDs, videos and music CDs at the Lal Mosque in Islamabad, Pakistan

Militant cleric claims having guns in mosque
“Our only goal is to enforce Sharia in Pakistan through jihad while the political-religious leaders want to impose Sharia though democratic norms, which we don’t admire.”


Islamabad: The militant cleric who declared enforcement of Sharia in Pakistan’s federal capital and gave a deadline to the government, remains defiant and claims that he has guns on the mosque premises to defend his headquarters if authorities tried to launch crackdown.
In a telephonic interview from Lal Masjid with Gulf News yesterday, Maulana Abdul Aziz reiterated his claims that the mosque has guns on its premises and his followers will defend themselves if the government opted for any sort of crackdown.

He said that female students of Jamia Hafsa will never vacate the occupied library building until Sharia is enforced in the country.

* Musharraf wants to impose Sharia through democratic norms?

6 thoughts on “The Religion of Peace: Coming to a Mosque in your Neighborhood Shortly”

  1. Guns in a mosque? Who would have thought?

    Imagine the outrage if people admitted that their local church had guns in it.

  2. MI5 adopts paedophile-tracking tactics for Muslim extremists

    MI5 is adopting tactics used by the police to keep tabs on paedophiles and other sex offenders to monitor the activities of known or suspected Islamic extremists, The Times has learnt.

    The threat from radicalised young Muslims is growing at such a rate that MI5 has realised that it needs the help of police officers on the streets to help it keep a check on extremists in their areas.

    The police keep track of known paedophiles by collating sightings of them and noting whom they meet and which areas they frequent — a tactic that MI5 sees as ideal for keeping track of the movements of Islamic extremists.

    Thousands of police officers on the beat in areas with large Pakistani communities — such as Birmingham, Leeds and London — will be expected to keep a lookout for young Muslims known to have become radicals.

    The security and intelligence services are relying on the Government to come up with policies and funds that will help Muslim communities, providing jobs, decent homes and social welfare support to dissuade the young from becoming extremists


    Two points to make

    1. The number of Muslims born and brought up in Britain who are now “radicals” is so large, that there is no way the security services can keep an eye on all of them. This is admitted as such in the report.

    2. Funny that paedophile-tracking tactics are to be employed against the followers of a paedophile.

  3. The mosques ware always the number one place of choice for the Mohammedans to store their weapons

    a very good video that gives the west’s useful idiots, left, and moonbats a good slaging off !

  4. ” Funny that paedophile-tracking tactics are to be employed against the followers of a paedophile. ”

    Yes it is. I can’t abide these predators.

    But I wish they would give equal priorty to both of these would-be crims.

  5. Note the usual disclaimer – we will aim to uncover radical young Muslims … but we won’t target Muslim communities … it’s a highly sensitive issue.

    “But security sources emphasised that the new approach – contributing towards the police’s existing Rich Picture project, which is aimed at uncovering young Muslims being groomed for terrorism – did not mean MI5 was targeting Muslim communities in Britain.”

    Rich Picture? Blank screen, perhaps.

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