Ultimate Hypocrisy: Quaradwi presents the Islamofascist Viewpoint

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Impervious to irony and reeking of hypocrisy, Sheik Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi, the Muslim Brotherhood cleric who has gone on the record many times supporting jihad, suicide bombing, and especially the murder of Jews, weighs in on the Virginia Tech killings in a sermon broadcast on Qatar TV, April 20, 2007 . (Courtesy of MEMRI TV.)

According to the Sheikh, the US was oddly quiet about the massacre. Hardly talked about it at all.


Sheik Yousef Al-Qaradhawi: The thing I detest most is unjustified bloodshed. I even felt great pain at what happened in America. An armed student killed 33 fellow students. What is this? This is the philosophy of violence, the outcome of violent films, the outcome of the violence used by America. America has made force the decisive factor in everything, and it uses its power to force peoples to do as it wishes. This philosophy has left its mark. We see in the schools of America… Even in high schools and junior high schools, we see youth who kill their fellow students. In that university, we saw that someone killed all those fellow students of his – and for no comprehensible reason. What is this? It is the philosophy of violence, which was instilled in these people. This philosophy of materialism and permissiveness does not instill in them religion, faith, moral values, compassion, or brotherhood. Instead, it instills in them selfishness and violence, and makes the rifle or the machine-gun rule supreme. This is the philosophy of American civilization, which it bequeaths to its sons.

* There are more than 30 jihad wars in the world today, and whenever you switch on the TV you can see Islamic zombies kill, get killed or blow each other to smithereens, if no kufars are available.

* Quaradwi is off his rockers, but such is the psychology of the musulman.

I wondered, when this incident took place, and when they said that 33 people had been killed at a university… I said that I wish I knew who the killer was. My heart was filled with fear, but I realized that they were not saying anything. They knew who it was right from the start. When they realized it was a South Korean, they kept silent. What would have happened if it had been an Arab or a Muslim? If it had been an Arab Muslim who had killed 3 people – not 33 – what would have happened? The world would have turned upside-down. There would have been commotion and turmoil, and all hell would have broken loose. But since he is neither an Arab nor a Muslim, they accepted it somewhat quietly. They did not talk about it much. This is what is called a double standard. A double standard, a triple standard, or even more… That’s America for you.

* On 9/11 a group of Saudi Arabs flew two jumbo jets into the WTC and killed 3000 Americans and caused billions in damage. Islamic Jihad, the Muhammedan hell, came to America. But there was no ‘backlash’-, no hell broke lose. Mecca and Medina were not nuked in return.

* Instead, George Bush went to the next mosque, took his shoes off and declared “Islam is a Religion of Peace’…

4 thoughts on “Ultimate Hypocrisy: Quaradwi presents the Islamofascist Viewpoint”

  1. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

    Someone should tell him about the number of Iraqi’s that get killed every day by other Iraqi’s and insurgents,,,not to mention any other place the RoP can be found.

  2. I’m touched at this man’s concern for America. Now will his “brothers” please leave us alone so we may continue to take our trip to hell? What business is it of his what goes on in any Western society? If he doesn’t like it, he may leave anytime for the ummah-nobody’s stopping him.

  3. The crock of shit that comes out of a Muslims mouth is unbelievable, violent films my arse, Islamic teachings have a far more devastating effect as we can all clearly see, as we can clearly see when we look the paper, turn on the TV and look at the internet and so on.

  4. I wonder why this clown isn’t preaching about the atrocities that are performed by muslims against muslims EVERY DAY?
    Hundreds, maybe more that we don’t hear about, are murdered each month by bloodthirsty muslim animals because of some ficticious religious belief.
    One can judge the childlike intelligence of the muslim by the leaders they follow.
    The good thing is, we Westerners were kids once so we can relate to the way these “sheiks” think and simply ignore their rantings.

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